Video trends · 3 min read

Top 5 benefits of a cloud video platform

How a cloud video platform can benefit your business

Erikka Innes · November 17, 2021

Video trends · 5 min read

The benefits of measuring the video playback QoE

Yvan Michel talks about measuring quality of experience to improve how users interact with your product.

A photo of Yvan Michel

Yvan Michel · November 16, 2021

Video trends · 8 min read

Responsive media: the right approach for images is not the right approach for video

Responsive media means delivering correctly sized content for each device and screen. But, is the approach for images the right choice for video? We don't think so.

Doug Sillars · November 11, 2021

Video trends · 16 min read

The future of [ultra] low-latency video streaming

A technical overview of four popular ultra low latency protocols for live streaming video, presented by Anthony Dantard.

Anthony Dantard · November 9, 2021

Video trends · 5 min read

Top 7 causes of streaming video buffering issues

Reasons your video buffers and how to fix it.

Erikka Innes · November 8, 2021

Product updates · 2 min read

Introducing our new dashboard

We're improving the dashboard experience: a complete update providing easier access to manage your videos.

Anne-Sophie Poupard · November 2, 2021

Product updates · 5 min read

The magic behind great products

How the technical performances behind help you to build great and magical products.

Cédric Montet · October 27, 2021

Tutorials · 3 min read

Upload a video with the PHP client

Walk through how to upload a video with the PHP client

Erikka Innes · October 26, 2021

No-code · 3 min read

Updated: our Zapier integration now features instant triggers

Now get instant access to video encoding and live stream status from Zapier!

Doug Sillars · October 25, 2021

Video trends · 5 min read

The history of live streaming (and how a bunch of nerds opened for the Rolling Stones)

The entertaining and short history of live streaming

Erikka Innes · October 20, 2021