Add custom live streaming to your product in minutes, not months simplifies live streaming with its flexible API. Easily start, save custom live streams, and provide a seamless live streaming experience for your platform or project.

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One API. All things live

Forget about using 5 different tools to do video streaming. From player, encoding, CDN & storage, to analytics, you get everything in one place.

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Developer-friendly API

Detailed documentation to quickly get started. You get 8 API clients, mobile components for Android and iOS, and ready-to-clone demos.

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Live streaming doesn't have to be costly. With usage-based pricing, you are always aware of your costs. No platform or hidden fee.

Stream live to third-party platforms

Broadcast your live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or any RTMP-supported platform, you can broadcast from a single source.

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Save your live streams for later

Integrate live streams seamlessly into your product using our API. You can incorporate live streams in various ways, including user-generated streams, public or private streams, recorded streams, and more. Our DVR feature allows users to rewind your live stream feed by up to 1 hour.


Secure your live stream

You have full control over your live stream's viewership, allowing you to choose whether it's for an individual or a select group. This ensures that only authorized viewers can access your stream.

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Stream to a worldwide audience

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) operates through a global network of 100+ servers. This guarantees optimized live stream delivery to reach your audience wherever they choose to watch your videos or streams.

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Lightning-fast encoding

Instantly delivery high-quality live streams on any device. Depending on your stream quality, your RTMP streams are encoded into HLS in different resolutions, from 240p to 2160p.

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Reach users globally

Reach users on all continents with a scalable video delivery network that relies on 100+ worldwide servers.

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All-in-one live streaming API

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No hidden fees. Only pay for what you use

Volume discount ensures your costs decrease when usage increases

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Video Hosting

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Video Delivery

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Join 200+ platforms building stunning live streaming experiences

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“We needed a platform that quickly converts RTMP streams to HLS that we could use on the fly. Instant recordings with adaptive streaming quality is very important to us. is one of the few companies in the video space that creates simultaneous mp4 and HLS recordings. This allows us to offer content for immediate download once everything has been recorded.”

Mauricio Giordano, CEO @ InEvent


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