Generative AI

Encode, host and share your AI generated videos at large scale

Get a safehouse for all your AI generated videos with a scalable video API that encodes, hosts and delivers them with ease. Save both time and money while we ensure the safety and accessibility of your content.

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Generative AI

Fast and simple uploading process

Depending on how your product works, your users may need to upload their own videos in order to benefit from the AI magic – be it for enhancing a low quality video, adding a filter or adding captions to a video.

With, your users can expect a rapid video upload, while your developers won't struggle with integration.

It doesn’t matter which coding language or technology you use, offers packages and libraries ready to help your users upload their videos with ease.

Video upload process

Flexible hosting capabilities

Your users are uploading and generating videos with your AI product, but where do you host the generated videos?

This is where steps in, enabling you to host and manage this flux of uploaded and generated videos. We offer encoding for free, so enjoy a light usage bill, especially when the numbers of videos ramp up.

Remain compliant with local laws and provide faster performance for your team and users with our hosting region options.

Cost effective

Scalability to meet your demand

A generative AI product can get viral pretty quickly, gaining a lot of traffic and usage over a short period of time.

The influx of uploaded videos and the sheer amount of AI generated creations can get overwhelming quite fast.

But that’s not a problem with as we can scale up quickly to meet your needs.

simple video infrastructure

Adding watermarks to your videos

Offer users a chance to try your product for free with's watermarking feature! Boost your sales by offering premium plans removing the watermark!

Or are you simply proud of your generative AI tool’s results? Keep your brand visible at all times when these videos get shared online.

With, make sure your work is recognized by adding watermarks automatically to the videos. Add your logo to the video player, or use a domain of your choice to ensure brand consistency.

Watermark for short format videos

Keeping some videos private

When generating AI videos for your users, you might want to limit who gets to see the end result, and that is fine. enables you to keep the generated videos private, which means they will only be available to a selected group of users.

secure video files

Securing your videos

Your AI generated videos need to be properly secured whether they're public or private.

Keep your videos safe with's token-based private videos, custom domains, domain restrictions and a robust AES encryption.

Prevent piracy

Summarization and multilingual captions

Leverage the power of AI for your videos on! Generate a summarization, transcription and translations to your videos.

With our AI features, reach new audiences and improve accessibility. Try them now in your Sandbox account.

AI generated summarization and captions

Why AI companies choose

Speed icon

Lightning-fast encoding

Instantly deliver high-quality videos on demand on any device. Depending on your stream quality, your videos are encoded into HLS in different resolutions, from 240p to 2160p.

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Cost effective

Only pay for what you use. With bulk discounts and transparent pricing, you don’t need to worry about exceeding your budget.

One API. All things video

Forget about using 5 different tools to stream or upload videos. From player, encoding, CDN & storage, to analytics, you get everything in one place.

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Documentation that developers love

It’s dead simple to get started. With just a few lines of code, your developers can integrate videos and live streams to any section of your website, or app.

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