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Global infrastructure

How’s global infrastructure enables seamless video performance

Learn how's proprietary infrastructure ensures that your videos have optimal performance and they shine on a global scale.

Arushi Gupta

November 16, 2023

Since day one of its existence, has invested not only in cutting-edge technology but also in the strategic management of our video encoding, hosting and delivery ecosystem since day one.


One of those investments was to have our own video infrastructure.


And building and maintaining our infrastructure is not a mere corporate choice; it's a commitment to the future of video streaming. We recognize that when it comes to the technicalities of video streaming, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Each company or individual has its unique requirements, and an in-house infrastructure enables us to finely tailor our system to cater to these specific demands.


(If decoding text feels like a secret mission for your eyes, switch gears and dive into the video.)

A proprietary video infrastructure that powers seamless video experiences

While we are proud of the fact that we have a proprietary infrastructure, the reason we have built it is to help YOU. So let's dive in and see how our infrastructure empowers us to give you exactly what you need for your videos.


1. Autonomy over video monitoring and performance

We build every stack of our video infrastructure and when it goes into production, it is monitored continuously to take immediate action if needed. We also closely measure the technical performance of your video delivery using Golden Signals – error, saturation, traffic and latency – which ensure that your videos are delivered with consistent quality, even during high-traffic periods. This means that your videos will play smoothly, no matter where your audience is located.


This autonomy over our infrastructure gives us the power to take care of video delivery and performance end-to-end, so you can focus on creating great content, knowing that your videos will be delivered smoothly to your audience.

2. Flexibility to expand and give you what you need for your videos

We have the elasticity to expand/offload to a cloud provider, based on your needs, ensuring high performance no matter how many minutes of videos.


Not only this, having our own infrastructure means more flexibility to be able to offer you functions as per your need. Let's say you need a special feature like AI integration or auto-captioning on all your videos. We can easily accommodate it by adding custom hardware or deploying a solution fit for your use-case.

3. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) that offers global delivery

We partner with the best CDN provider in the world to help deliver your videos anywhere with minimal latency. With a robust CDN that has a vast network of 140+ points of presence worldwide, we offer robust transmission, reliable connections, and cutting-edge tools to deliver live streaming video across the globe.

4. Video encoding at zero cost supported by ASICs

Our infrastructure uses Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) based encoding, an innovative hardware-based encoding that is faster, greener, and cheaper than CPU-based encoding by an order of magnitude. Using ASICSs means lower power consumption costs, which is why we are able to offer video encoding at zero cost to you.

5. Security of videos by default and reliability at all times

For reliability, your videos are always stored in two or more data centers so that server failures never result in loss of data. You get a 99.999999999% (eleven nines!) storage durability with us.

With token-based private videos, custom domains, AES Encryption, your videos are secure with us by all means.

6. Video storage and delivery in the US and the EU

One of the most important parts of our infrastructure is our ability to offer you the freedom to decide where you store your videos. This means that you can select the storage location that best suits your needs, whether for compliance with local laws or for faster performance for your users.

global infrastructure

Convenient storage and delivery of videos in the US and the EU

On top of the freedom to choose your storage location, we have recently updated our infrastructure with delivery servers in North America, and improved our CDN services in the region. This initiative guarantees faster, more efficient video delivery within North America and means that your American users will experience faster and higher quality video playback than ever before.


With this update, you can have multi-region storage for your videos. So now, if you are working on a project in Europe and one project in the US, you can benefit from multi-region storage. Each Project you will create within your account will hold a different API key, and its own settings, including the video storage location. This means that you can link each project to a single region based on your customer's video storage preferences, taking your reach global.

Wrapping up

Unlike competitors relying solely on hyperscalers, has forged a different path. While the approach of others may seem convenient, scaling up often leads to increase in costs. In contrast, our self-managed infrastructure ensures cost efficiency, offering stability and scalability without the unpredictability of escalating bills as volumes rise.


At, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality video streaming experience, and our investment in owning and managing our infrastructure underlines our dedication to this goal.


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