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Huge pricing update! Introducing video encoding at zero cost

As one of the biggest pricing updates, video encoding will be free for all video qualities at api.video.

Cédric Montet

September 11, 2023

At api.video, our goal is for video to be easy and affordable for anyone to build, be it individuals or organizations. We understand that achieving this goal means reducing costs at some stage of the video streaming process. That’s why, we now offer adaptive bitrate encoding for your videos at zero cost.


Yes, you heard me right.


Encoding videos will be absolutely free for all video qualities (1080p or 4K) at api.video - no hidden calculations, footer notes or tricks.

(Check out this video for more details)

A step towards making video streaming affordable

Video encoding is crucial as it makes it possible for videos to be shared and played smoothly on the internet. It is why we are easily able to consume various types of video media, whether it’s a YouTube video, our favorite shows on Netflix, or even catching up with friends across the globe on Zoom. Video encoding basically makes the world go around in regards to anything related to video and video content.


We at api.video recognize that. From increasing the transcoding and playback speed to building specialized hardware like ASICs cards to increase our transcoding capacities, we've been working to make video streaming easier for you every day. And after dedicating ample time to engaging with our customers and learning about their concerns, free encoding seemed to be the next step in this direction.


So, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes to give you what no one else will - free encoding for all video qualities, be it 360p or 4K.

How does free video encoding benefit you as a customer

The benefit is straightforward: you save a LOT of money!


  • With free video encoding, you will have one less thing to worry about. As you know, you pay for three things for streaming videos — encoding, hosting, and delivery – out of which encoding is the most expensive, especially if you have a lot of videos. Free video encoding will allow you to focus your attention and resources to what is most important.


  • As the video needs of your app users grow, you might need to scale up your encoding capacity. Free video encoding services will give you the power to scale without any additional costs, meaning your users can handle more videos without increasing your expenses.


  • You can migrate from your previous provider to api.video without paying an ‘entry tax’ to us. With free video encoding, you no longer need to spend money on encoding videos with a new provider when you have already paid for encoding with an older one.


Now with all the saved cost, you can allocate your resources and money to a place where it is actually important – building your product and delighting your users.

How to get started

To use the free video encoding benefit, getting started is easy.


  • If you’re a new user, sign-up for a free sandbox account and start uploading your videos
  • If you are looking to migrate from another vendor, import your videos from your current vendor
  • If you have any questions, talk to us by booking a slot in our calendar


To know more about our features, pricing or ask any other questions, talk to our team and we will help you out.


Or, you can straightaway sign-up for a free sandbox account and check our product out for yourself.

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