Video trends · 7 min read

Cloud streaming: How cloud is enabling video streaming services like Netflix

Explore why major platforms like Netflix are embracing cloud streaming technology and uncover the advantages, innovations, and future potential of this latest approach to content delivery.

Arushi Gupta · April 5, 2024

Case Studies · 3 min read

A closer look at an adult streaming platform's success with

Learn how an adult streaming platform streamed private videos with

Sebastian Marin · April 4, 2024

Marketplace use case with

Case Studies · 5 min read

How to optimize your marketplace business with

Dive into the blog to check out the different ways in which you can build an online marketplace platform with

Zoltán · March 22, 2024

What is bitrate?

Video trends · 13 min read

What is bitrate (And why is bitrate important for your videos)

Ever wondered why some online videos look crystal clear while others appear pixelated or buffer endlessly? The answer lies in a seemingly invisible factor: video bitrate. · March 22, 2024

How to optimize your e-learning solutions with

Case Studies · 5 min read

How to optimize your e-learning solutions with

Using videos and live streams for education can help you explain complex concepts easier. This blog post dives into the different use cases where you can build an online learning platform with

Zoltán · March 12, 2024

Product updates · 2 min read

Easier troubleshooting with audit logs

Discover how our new event logs feature on's Dashboard empowers you to troubleshoot user issues seamlessly. Filter API request events by method, time, or status for enhanced visibility.

Cédric Montet · March 12, 2024

Video trends · 6 min read

Azure Media Services transition: Tackling migration challenges head-on

Planning to make a transition from Azure Media Services? Beware of the challenges you may face during the migration!

Multiple authors · March 7, 2024

Video trends · 7 min read

Azure Media Services alternatives: The top 5 picks [includes affordable solutions]

Pick your ideal Azure Media Services alternative from the top 5 solutions featured in this blog.

Arushi Gupta · February 29, 2024

what does DRM mean?

Video trends · 9 min read

What is DRM and why is it important for your videos?

Uncover what is Digital Rights Management (DRM), understand how it safeguards your digital content, and gain insights into why it's a crucial element for ensuring security and control of your videos.

Arushi Gupta · February 28, 2024

Case Studies · 3 min read

Success Story: How this leading bank enhanced communication within their organisation through video content

Take a look at how a distinguished bank leveraged's API to ensure seamless communication. · February 26, 2024