Tutorials · 3 min read

How to easily upload videos on your Android app with WorkManager?

The Android WorkManager component enables you to seamlessly upload files from your mobile app to

Thibault Beyou · March 2, 2023

Product updates · 8 min read

Video Access Management: How to create, deliver, and manage private videos and what are they anyway?

Learn what are private videos and how to use them in order to restrict or limit access to videos that shouldn't be public

Artem Matinian · February 28, 2023

Tutorials · 6 min read

How to create a Next.js 13 & React 18 video app

Learn Next.js 13 new features by creating a web application with

Yohann Martzolff · February 21, 2023

Tutorials · 3 min read

Switch your existing Android player to

If you've developed an existing Android application with a video player, you may be looking for ways to enhance the video playback experience for your users.

Thibault Beyou · February 15, 2023

Tutorials · 2 min read Next.js boilerplate: start your video project the easy way

Start your new project the right way by using the Next.js boilerplate: all you need to build a great video project is in it! 🧑‍💻

Yohann Martzolff · February 2, 2023

Product updates · 7 min read

Our ecosystem: connect with your product 🔌

Over the past year,’s ecosystem has had a staggering growth 🚀 to ensure that you can easily add, manage, and playback videos into your products anywhere on the web and mobile. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular items in our ecosystem and how they can help you create your perfect solution, whether an application or a website 💻

Neda Ashrafi Amiri · January 27, 2023

Tutorials · 6 min read

Switch to with our fast & easy video import tool

We introduce an ultimate video import tool that allows you to quickly and easily import your videos from a provider of choice (e.g. dropbox) to your dashboard. All you need is an API key and the provider’s access token.

Neda & Aya · January 10, 2023

Product updates · 5 min read

Highlights of 2022: all-in-one infrastructure & growing ecosystem

2022 is coming to an end, but for us, it’s just the beginning of a new era 🦋 It has been a year full of innovations and growth for the team. We did everything to make video streaming simpler and easier than ever before! Adding videos to your products is our mission and our everyday mantra 🧘‍♀️

Neda Ashrafi Amiri · December 20, 2022

Tutorials · 3 min read

How to add an Swift player to your iOS application

We have now released the Swift player! The Swift player helps you to playback your videos easily in your iOS and iPadOS applications.

Romain Petit · December 15, 2022

Product updates · 3 min read

We raised $12M to let you join our video-first world

We're thrilled to share news of $12m Series A. Our goal is to build the video Edge infrastructure, providing outstanding performances to a broader audience.

Cédric Montet · December 13, 2022