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At, we're continuously pushing for improving our product. Discover the latest news about our video API: the new releases, product updates, as well as extra insights on how to use to its fullest. Product Updates Blog articles


Product updates · 2 min read

Easier troubleshooting with audit logs

Discover how our new event logs feature on's Dashboard empowers you to troubleshoot user issues seamlessly. Filter API request events by method, time, or status for enhanced visibility.

Cédric Montet · March 12, 2024

Product updates · 3 min read

New video storage capabilities in the US: Introducing multi-region video hosting

Get the flexibility to choose the location of your videos with our infrastructure's multi-region storage capabilities.

Alexandre Willot · November 21, 2023

Product updates · 6 min read

Free video encoding: Let's talk numbers

Understand the how and what behind our recent pricing upgrade: free video encoding.

Jean-Baptiste  - Video LeadArushi - Content Manager

Multiple authors · September 27, 2023

Product updates · 3 min read

Revolutionize your video streaming with’s white-labeling solutions

Take control, showcase your brand, and stand out with our customizable video streaming API.

Anthony Dantard · July 20, 2023

Product updates · 4 min read

Broadcast your video to third-party platforms [Beta]: Introducing restreams

📢 Today, we are excited to introduce restreaming, a feature that allows you to broadcast your live streams onto multiple platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo.

Alexandre Willot · July 13, 2023

Product updates · 3 min read

When video meets data: Introducing Analytics at for better video insights

A quick read telling you all about's latest feature - real-time video Analytics.

Logo · June 28, 2023

Product updates · 4 min read

Unlock the complete potential of using Add-Ons

Learn how to use Add-Ons as an customer and understand how to utilize them for your business needs.

Logo · June 28, 2023

Product updates · 3 min read

Restrict playback to specific domains with Domain Restrictions

📢 We are excited to introduce Domain Restrictions. This new feature will allow you to restrict your videos and live stream playback to specific domains or subdomains, providing an additional layer of security for your videos and streams.

Alexandre Willot · June 5, 2023

Product updates · 4 min read

Introducing Custom Domains for

📢 We are excited to announce custom domains are available for customers. Now, you can stream videos or live streams from a domain of your choice instead of from's domain.

Alexandre Willot · May 10, 2023