Use Video Analytics to get insights and make better decisions

Get a complete picture of your viewers, videos, and live streams. provides in-depth video analytics to track viewer engagement, offering essential data on views, watch time, demographics, and drop-off points. Get an overview in real time and act accordingly.

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Insights in real-time

All analytics on your videos and live streams is available instantly. Measure and take actions. Not tomorrow. Today, right now.

Build analytics into your product

Use a flexible and simple API to integrate analytics directly into your app and display data to your users in real-time.

Get started for free

Standard dimensions, that include Timestamp, Video ID/Live stream ID are free. You can purchase additional dimensions when you need more data.

Get answers about your viewers

What are they watching? Where are they watching from? What time of day? Which devices? Which browsers? With our real time video analytics feature, discover and deeply understand your viewing audience, as it happens.

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Collect data on any device or player

Get video streaming analytics from viewers on any device and platform. Not using the player? No problem. You can collect online video analytics on any third-party video player, such as HTML5, native Android or iOS players.

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Easy-to-read reporting

Analytics is directly available in your dashboard! Enable data visualizations for your whole team with intuitive charts and filters on your dedicated video analytics dashboard, without writing a single line of code.

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Visualize data in your preferred tools

Combine video analytics with other sources, such as mobile or web analytics, to understand user interaction in a meaningful context. Visualize in BI tools like Looker Studio, Tableau, or any other tool of your choice. That's the power of our video analytics API!

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Automate data collection

Analytics is ready when you are — data collection and reporting happens automatically as soon as the content is played, without the need for any additional configuration.

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No hidden fees. Only pay for what you use

Volume discount ensures your costs decrease when usage increases

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Video analytics FAQ

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