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New video storage capabilities in the US: Introducing multi-region video hosting

Get the flexibility to choose the location of your videos with our infrastructure's multi-region storage capabilities.

Alexandre Willot

November 21, 2023

Getting the best quality of videos without worrying about cost hikes and compliance issues that come with storing those videos is not easy. We at understand that.


So, in response to your needs and in our ongoing effort to improve your experience, we're proud to introduce a new video storage option in the United States of America (USA). This expansion complements our existing services in the European Union (EU) and offers you even greater flexibility in choosing the optimal storage location for your videos.


(If decoding text feels like a secret mission for your eyes, switch gears and dive into the video.)

What does this update mean for you?

With this upgrade in our infrastructure, you decide where you want your videos to be stored – in the USA or in the EU. This translates to:

1) More control over your video storage location to comply with laws

Select the storage location that best suits your needs, whether for compliance with local laws or based on personal or customer preference. This will ensure that your video content adheres to all relevant legal standards for you or your customers.

2) Diversification of your user base with multi-region storage

If you are working on a project in Europe and one project in the US, you can benefit from multi-region storage. Each project you create in your account will have a unique API key and its own distinct settings, including the video storage location. This means that you can link each project to a single region based on your customer's video storage preferences.

3) Faster video playback

On top of the new storage in the US, we have opened new delivery servers in North America, and improved our CDN services in the region. Both initiatives now guarantee faster, more efficient video delivery within North America. This means that your American users will experience faster and higher quality video playback than ever before.


In addition to this flexibility of choosing your storage location, also offers improved video performance, reduced costs, greener carbon footprint and enhanced flexibility for expanding your video functions. These advantages stem from our complete ownership of the video infrastructure.


In a nutshell, this expansion of our video storage and delivery capabilities is a step towards better serving your video infrastructure needs, locally and globally. We're grateful for your trust, and we can't wait to see what you'll create.


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