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Stream your videos on your website or you application within few lines of codes for free! Our cloud infrastructure allows you to host and broadcast your videos worldwide thanks to our CDN. We encode on the go to facilitate immediate playback, enhancing viewer experiences across multiple devices and platforms.

We specifically built this webservice to answer frequently requested and long tail, on-demand videos. You can now easily create your live stream events too.
>> Discover why is a free API! takes all the complexity of video management

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Simplify problems and errors resolution

Live stream easily

READ MORE accepts 4K broadcast

Stream anywhere


A webservice built to answer the most demanding video and streaming needs

Manage any volume of videos

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Integrate a video stream using only a few lines of code. takes out the complexity from your video workflow. Our API documentation was written for quick and easy integration for your application or service.

Amazing product! It is easy to use with 5 lines of code I was able to upload a video and share it. The team is amazing, they will help you with any problem regarding the API.
Leonardo Drici - Software Developer
# Create properties
curl -d '{"video": {"title":"My file!", "tags":["simple", "powerful"]}}' \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer ..."
# Upload contents
curl -F "data=@my_file.mp4" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ..."
# Plus advanced features for large files: pause, resume uploads... takes all the complexity of video management
Create live stream

Live stream easily

Create live stream events within few lines of code and share it with your audience.

The playback was critical for us and answered all our requirements
Dymitri - Web developer at GE

Stream anywhere

Encoding and delivery are optimized to guarantee video that streams to any screen in the best quality possible. accepts 4K broadcasts and can adapt the stream for any network. accepts 4K broadcast
A webservice built to answer the most demanding video and streaming needs

Manage any volume of videos

No matter the screen, size, quality, or bitrate, can manage it for you. Our webservice is built to answer the most demanding video and streaming needs.

AES 128bit Encryption secures all videos using AES 128bit encryption, and guarantees to share the decoding key to the right person.

We deal with those SDK clients

Easy integration with your development framework SDKs simplify the integration with your development platform. Provided in PHP and also very soon in Ruby, Java and Node JS


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