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Building a platform where users can record and share videos and live streams with others? Use to integrate video functionality in your website or app.

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User generated videos

Why add user-generated videos to your website and app?

95 minutes

People love user generated videos. An average TikTok user spends 95 minutes per day on the app.


47% of professionals believe recorded video messages allow them to easily communicate with co-workers without setting up meetings.*


79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

Record, Upload, Share.
In just a few clicks

Your end users don't understand how videos and live streams are encoded, hosted, and streamed on different devices.

All they want on your video messaging website or app is a quick and easy way to record themselves and share it with others. provides just that.

Record, upload and share

Private videos between the sender and receiver

You decide who can access the videos and live streams — whether its an individual or a group of people. This prevents anyone else from watching the video.

Private videos

Cost effective, at scale

As you keep adding new users to your video messaging app, your total videos might increase exponentially in a matter of days. With most vendors, that means your costs increase as you scale.

Not with us. There's no platform fee and you pay for what you use. With volume discounts, your costs decrease when the volume increases.

Cost effective video platform

Your branding. Everywhere

Design your video messaging app the way you want and make the video player match your branding. You can customize the player with your own branding, add your logo to the video with video watermarking, or use a domain of your choice. Your viewers won’t even know you are using to deliver videos and live streams for your messaging platform.

Your branding everywhere

Why businesses choose

Video tech that scales with you

Reach users all across the globe with scalable servers. You never need to worry about replacing your video technology when you scale.

Get real-time data

Get a complete overview of how your videos and live streams are performing. Get real-time analytics by location, date, device, browser, time, and more.

Integrate with your favorite platforms

Use with Bubble, Strapi, Contentful, and 10+ marketplaces to build video solutions without writing a single line of code.

Replace 4 video tools with 1

No need to worry about integrating video player, encoder, CDN, and storage solutions to build a video messaging app. You get all these in one solution.

Join 75+ UGC video platforms building stunning video experiences

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“We love that when a user uploads a video, the video playback is almost instantaneous. In the crypto space, people have very low patience for uploading and sharing content, and just works well. We also use the private video feature to serve gated content - it’s as private as you can get and allows us to securely serve content to the end user.”

Jonathan Dunlap, CEO at MintGate

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