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Discounts applied as your usage grows.

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Transcoding • $0.04

per minute of video ingested


Hosting • $0.003

per minute of video hosted / month


Delivery • $0.002

per minute of video streamed / viewer


Analytics • $0.0007

per play

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Live Streaming

Video On-Demand

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The event will be viewed by


The estimated stream cost is

Additional services

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The RESTful APIs, SDK, plugins. Multi-region delivery infrastructure Email and online community support.


Includes all the basic platform features, plus

  • Premium support
  • Uptime and response SLAs
  • Employee training & onboarding
Common questions

Common questions

Can I try your webservice? 

Yes you can. Once your account created, you have access to our sandbox to make unlimited tests. The content will be watermarked and automatically deleted after 72 hours.

How does your pricing work? 

We have a simple pricing model based on your usaged. No hidden fees. You can use the calculator to simulate your costs or contact us to get a quote.

Do I pay for every quality/bitrate that is delivered?

No - if you ingest a two minutes video, you pay for two minutes, even if api.video delivers that same video in 5 different qualities. 

Do you have a minimum required to use your webservice?

No, there is no minimum. You pay what you use.

Do the prices include tax?

Tax is not included in the prices. Tax will be added in your invoices.

How many concomitant live streaming can I do?

You can do as many concomitant live streaming as you want.

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