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Pay as you go
Pay as you go

1 project included

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Basic authentication

100 Upload API calls/min

200 Write API calls/min

500 Read API calls/min

Audit Logs (up to 5 days)

No isolated storage

No security review

99,999% SLA

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Enterprise plan
Enterprise plan

10 projects included

30 members included

SAML based single-sign-on (SSO)

200 Upload API calls/min

1000 Write API calls/min

2500 Read API calls/min

Audit Logs (up to 60 days) & Domain Referrer

Isolated storage available

Security review included

99.999% SLA + SLA credits

Signed MSA, SLA, DPA

Payment options: Wire transfer, Annual billing, Payment schedules

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Video Features
Customizable player
Create your own branding and style by changing the look and feel of the built-in video player to fit your video streaming needs.
Any video player (3rd party)
If you are used to working with a 3rd party player, you can use it to play videos or streams created from
HLS & MP4 output
Different formats for video files: HLS is for online streaming, while MP4 is a standard video file format for downloading or offline playback.
Upload by URL
Enter a URL to specify the location of the source file
Custom domain
Add your own domain and create a fully white-labeled video streaming solution to your viewers. Enhance brand recognition and comply with your end customers’ security requirements. Starting at $60 per month.
Encoding from 240p to 4K
Convert a video from a lower quality resolution (240p) to a much higher quality resolution (4K).
Adaptive Delivery
Immediate and seamless access to your video content across all devices, meeting the high performance standards expected by global audiences.
Live Features
Concurrent Live Stream
You are able to host and manage multiple live streams at the same time.
Simulcasting / Restreaming
Broadcast your live streams onto multiple platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Vimeo.
Live stream DVR functionality
Allow users to rewind, pause, or fast-forward live video streams as if they were watching a pre-recorded video.
Record a live stream
Enable live stream record, and save your live streams as a normal video that you can watch at anytime you want.
Encoding from 240p to 4K
Convert a video from a lower quality resolution (240p) to a much higher quality resolution (4K).
Adaptive Delivery
Immediate and seamless access to your video content across all devices, meeting the high performance standards expected by global audiences.
24/7 Live streaming
Broadcast content continuously and without interruption around the clock.
Video Editing
Generate Thumbnail
Create a preview or visual summary of your video
Trimming / Clipping
Remove unwanted portions from a video, to shorten its duration or remove irrelevant content.
Add a logo or text to your video to signify ownership, branding, or copyright protection.
Upload your own captions in multiple languages to your videos
Divide longer videos into distinct sections, enabling viewers to easily navigate and access specific segments within the video.
Upload your own Thumbnail
Add a custom image as a representation for your video, used as a preview when the video is displayed in a list or grid format.
Data Features
Usage Analytics per Project
Track and analyze data related to the usage or consumption of videos, on a project-by-project basis.
Enable automated notifications or triggers to be sent from a video platform to external systems or applications, facilitating real-time updates.
Metadata & video tagging
Descriptive information or keywords to a video file, aiding in categorization, organization, and searchability.
Light Analytics
Enable Analytics for all your video content, whether videos or live streams. Discover viewing behavior patterns, trending content, which countries viewers reside in and other insightful data points. Activate for $30 per month.
Security & Privacy Features
Basic API Authentication
Use a simple, standardized method to verify the identity of users accessing video-related APIs.
Advanced API Authentication
Complex methods to securely validate users or applications accessing video-related APIs.
Private Video
Choose who can or can't see your videos, by making videos "private”
Private Live Stream
Choose who can or can't see your live streams, by making them "private”
Delegated Upload Tokens
You can manage delegated upload tokens so that end-users can upload videos on your behalf
Domain referer playback restrictions
Restrict your videos and live stream playback to specific domains or subdomains, providing an additional layer of security for your videos and streams. Activate for $20 per month for Pay-as-you-go, included for Free in Enterprise.
AES Encryption 128bits
Secure data, offering a high level of protection through its strong encryption method.
Infrastructure & Technology Features
Ecosystem Catalog (see dedicated section)
Enhance your video feature building experience with a wide variety of API clients, libraries and integrations from our catalog.
Direct Upload
You can upload local files stored on your machine
Progressive Upload
Enable simultaneous recording and uploading of videos
Video Import Tool
Migrate easily from your current provider and transfer all your existing video content automatically. We support AWS, GCP, Zoom, Dropbox and many more.
Delivery on the CDN (worldwide)
100+ points of presence to make sure your videos can be delivered anywhere in the world
Delivery on origin
Distribute video content directly from the original source to end-users.
Backup & Recovery securely stores your videos with backups so that you never lose access to your content
Accessing mezzanine files
Retrieve the original, high-quality source files of video content.
Prior to encoding, we remove any potential errors in your videos that could alter its encoding and delivery
Hosting Localisation
Securely stores your videos with backups so that you never lose access to your content
Multi-Region Hosting and Delivery
Assign different region location for the hosting and delivery of your Projects.
Analytics plugins for 3rd party players
Tools that track and analyze user engagement and behavior within external media players.
Built-in HTML5 player
Integrated feature within a web browser that enables playback of video content using HTML5 technology.
Native Android & iOS mobile player
Default media player application provided by the operating system for playing video content on mobile devices.
Screen & webcam recording SDKs
Enable the integration of functionality for capturing screen or webcam activity into other applications or platforms.
CMS & no-code/low-code integrations
Connect CMS with platforms or tools that allow users to build applications or websites without extensive programming knowledge.
API clients & SDKs
Tools to interact with and integrate external services or platforms into their applications, providing access to functionalities and data through pre-defined libraries or interfaces.
No commitments or credit card required

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