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Security & Compliance

Domain Restrictions

SAML based Single-Sign-On

Maximize your security compliance with single sign-on, one of the most secure authentication methods available

Custom Domains

Domain Referrer

Secure your videos and live streams and only play back to whitelisted domains or subdomains, providing an additional layer of security for your videos


Audit Logs

Easily access your audit logs via the Dashboard and facilitate troubleshooting activities to speed up development

Privacy Control

Security Reviews

Safeguard your compliance and certifications with recurrent security reviews and access to api.video reports

Proprietary infrastructure to support large volumes

api.video is equipped with a robust infrastructure to scale as per your demand. You never need to worry about traffic spikes as we can scale up and down based on your video volumes.

Benefit from api.video's flexibility and scalability, ensuring high performances of your product no matter how many minutes of videos are needed.

api.video infrastructure

Swift migration capabilities

Do not pay for any migration or encoding fees no matter the size of your migration.

Migrate your video content from your current provider to api.video without paying an entry tax, that is, zero encoding fees.

Get the required support from our team and migrate easily via our import tool.

Migration to api.video with Free encoding

Analytics to visualize the performance of your videos

Get access to in-depth video analytics to track viewer engagement metrics like views, watch time, demographics, and drop-off points.

Retrieve data for your videos and live streams in real time and make decisions that directly impact your business.

easy to read analytics reports

Built for team collaboration

Enable multi-customer management with Projects, which are dedicated content libraries with their own API keys, usage data, analytics and hosting region location.

Add Members to your workspace such as content creators and video managers, and enable them to easily contribute content directly into your product.

Projects and Members management with api.video

Enterprise-grade services

White Glove Support

Get tailored onboarding and support throughout your video journey


Guaranteed SLAs and Credits

Get an SLA of 99.999% at all times. Secure returns with our SLA credits program

Guaranteed Response times

Get prioritized support within your preferred response times up to 1 hour for critical anomalies

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