Updates and improvements to

July 12, 2023


You can now harness the power of restream with

Restream will give you the ability to livestream simultaneously to any streaming platform that supports RTMP, while also delivering the same livestream with the player.

Some of the notable platform that you will be able to restream to are: Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Vimeo and many more.

Navigate to the dashboard to test out the feature and check out the documentation in order to get started with API.


📘 Please note that Restream is currently a beta feature. Our engineering team is still working on the feature and issue may occur.

If you are experiencing an issue, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

June 28, 2023

APIAnalytics now enables you to collect play event data about your videos and live streams via these dedicated API endpoints:


You can retrieve real-time statistics about which videos are the most popular, which countries have the most plays, and what kind of devices, browsers, or operating systems your viewers are using. Use video and live stream analytics to:

  • understand your audience,
  • keep track of live stream engagement or manage user-generated content without delay,
  • or integrate the data directly into your own application to display it to your viewers!


Read the documentation to understand the feature, or check out the Help Center if you have questions.

June 12, 2023


In-stream is now available with Player SDK.

You can now inject VAST and VPAID ads into your livestream and videos. Integrate the powerful feature into your product in order to increase monetization, and assist your vendors or your own product with inline or non-linear ads.

Head over to our docs to find out more.

June 6, 2023


We are proud to announce that the Domain Referrer Restriction is now available.

The feature will allow you to make sure that only your website users are able to consume your videos or live streams.

  • Restrict access to videos and streams only from your domain or subdomain
  • Make sure that videos and streams are only available on your website

To get more information, navigate to the Domain Referrer Restrictions documentation page

May 3, 2023


The Swift Player package has been updated to version 1.1.0. We’ve added support for:

  • Live stream playback
  • Private video playback

Check out these blog posts that help you get started with’s Swift Player library:

Visit the GitHub repository and the release notes for more details.

Apr 27, 2023 now enables you to deliver video content and provide live streams and video on demand using your own custom domains. You can set your own custom URL or subdomain you use in your implementation, for example

The feature will enable you to maintain your company branding by utilizing custom domains in your implementation.

Visit the documentation to request access to this feature!

Mar 24, 2023


Live stream is generally available.

You can create a live stream event and broadcast it to audience in real-time. The Livestreaming API is designed to be scalable and reliable with blazing fast CDN, supporting the RTMP protocol for ingestion. Additionally, users can customize their stream with watermarks, and other branding elements. This feature is available for all plans, and can be accessed through the API or the web dashboard.

You can find the documentation on how to get started here:

Please be sure to read about the live stream best practices here:

Feb 20, 2023


We've made it much easier for you to retain a session with private videos. An update has been done to the way Private Videos can be delivered with built-in HLS players, built-in MP4 players and custom made players.

You can find the blog article about the new and update Private Videos in this blog

Also, be sure to checkout the updated docs for Private Videos

Jan 11, 2023's Flutter uploader uploads videos to using delegated upload token or API Key.

It allows you to upload videos in two ways:

  • standard upload: to send a whole video file in one go
  • progressive upload: to send a video file by chunks, without needing to know the final size of the video file

Read more on GitHub

Jan 5, 2023

Video import tool allows you to quickly and easily import your videos from another provider (e.g. dropbox or Vimeo) to your dashboard. All you need is an API key and the provider’s access token.

In this article, we will go through the simple steps of importing your video content to 🎬 We have also created a video demo to use the import tool.

Dec 19, 2022


A powerful, easy, and secure way to bring video content to your websites and applications using the Strapi interface.

In this tutorial, we will focus on how to use the plugin, and provide a basic example on how to integrate the plugin into your project.

Dec 5, 2022


The player for Flutter is built natively for Android, iOS, and web and can be implemented on these three platforms easily. Read more about the Flutter player in this article.

Nov 28, 2022


The video list in your dashboard has been updated to better visualize and manage your videos.

Video List

Oct 13, 2022


This library is an easy way to capture your video and microphone and upload it to at the same time.

How to easily upload videos on your Android app? Read the article

Aug 1, 2022

API client

Easily integrate a player for videos from in your iOS applications.

June 21, 2022


This library lets you easily record & upload videos to from a composition of several media streams. The position and size of each stream can be set in a flexible and easy way.


June 10, 2022

  • We've updated the uploader on the dashboard to allow huge videos that take more than 1 hour to upload
  • Upload Token

Apr 1, 2022

React-Native update

We have updated our React-Native live stream module to incorporate a sample app for iOS and Android. This blog article explains how we built it.


  • Fixed delivery charts on usage in the dashboard
  • Some minor bug fixes & improvement

Mar 18, 2022


From popular demand, we have made possible to integrate your video workflow into WordPress websites.

• Upload videos–up to 4k–directly from your WordPress admin; they’ll be quickly encoded and ready for streaming in seconds

• Select previously uploaded videos from your library

• Update video titles, descriptions, and even tags from your WordPress admin

• Embed videos with our responsive HTML5 player Use the plugin directly from

WordPress Plugin

Mar 4, 2022

DashboardAPI client

We've introduced workspaces to our customer dashboard

Anyone can now share their dashboard with a colleague or client. It's a great way to involve stakeholders in your projects. Workspaces enable the primary account owner to invite unlimited team members to their dashboard securely, so they can help with video integration or add video content.

Dashboard sandbox timers

We now display a countdown timer on videos in sandbox environment on the dashboard. This allows you to quickly know when a test video is going to be deleted.

SEPA payments

We are now accepting SEPA payments for customers based in europe.

Analytics plugin for iOS apps

We released our own analytics plugin for iOS apps: This will come useful to you if you rely on a native iOS player and you wish to receive our analytics pings.

Introducing workspaces

Feb 18, 2022

API clientAPI

Analytics Module for Android apps

For developers working on Android apps, we have just released an analytics module that will help collect the users’ analytics.

Modification in .mp4 public path

.mp4 public paths have been changed, and do not include the quality of the video anymore: /mp4/{quality}/source.mp4/mp4/source.mp4 This change was made to allow for faster access to the .mp4 link.

Please note that for the videos that were ingested through the API before we enforced this path change, the new path to the .mp4 /mp4/source.mp4 will be working, along with the old one */mp4/{quality}/source.mp4

Feb 4, 2022


Clipping feature

We have released a new clipping feature. You can now create video clips from video files, videos stored on your account, or video URLs.

How does it work?

Select the video you would like to clip: in the source param 1, mention either the URL to the video or the videoId if this video is already hosted on your account. Create a video clip from a new or an existing source by specifying the start and the end times of your clip. A new separate video is created, with the clip you requested!

Read our technical specs

Set a video's public parameter from Dashboard

Due to popular demand, we have re-installed the ability to set a video's public parameter (true or false) from

Videojs-analytics plugin is now compatible with the VAST

Our proprietary videojs-analytics plugin is now compatible with the VAST specification, that is used for ads in videos. See on Github: apivideo/ v1.0.11

Sample live stream iOS

We have released a new sample live stream iOS app (apivideo/ on Github)

Jan 22, 2022


Watermarking videos

We have released a new watermark feature.

What’s a watermark?

A watermark is a static image that is directly burnt into a video. For example, you can use it to display the logo of your product on your video.

What’s the release about?

Check it out, or read our implementation tutorial

Jan 18, 2022


New Flutter video uploader package

The Flutter package has been release on

With the following features:

  • upload with API key
  • upload with upload token
  • set api key
  • set environment
  • set chunk size
  • progressive upload with API key
  • progressive upload with upload token

Dec 21, 2021

API client

Player SDK: new feature to hide / display some specific player controls

Better control your viewer's experience with the player. We've just released new versions of both the player and the player SDK with a new feature allowing to hide / display some specific controls (doc & examles are in the SDK readme).

Dec 16, 2021

Plugin plugin release

We are releasing a free app to easily work with video in your Bubble sites & apps. With the app you can easily add a video upload element to Bubble; allowing your users to upload videos which will be encoded and hosted on and delivered worldwide via our CDN. Additionally, we have a player element that adds our fully responsive and customizable player to your app to play videos.

Dec 13, 2021


Allow non-muted videos to autoplay on Chrome browsers

Dec 10, 2021

API client

New iOS API client

The new iOS API client is available on cocoapods and as a swift package (see source on GitHub. It supports video upload by chunks as well as progressive video upload. The iOS video uploader has been updated as well. iOS SDK and demo are now deprecated.

Dec 6, 2021


Progressive Upload has launched Progressive Upload. This revolutionary approach can be used to allow your users to record and upload videos simultaneously. You can use it in your apps for plenty of use-cases that need fast asynchronous video generation (video messaging, screen recordings, etc.)