Product updates · 5 min read

New Contentful integration: Adding video to your site just got even easier's Contentful integration is now published in the Contentful Marketplace

Doug Sillars · October 8, 2021

Tutorials · 5 min read

Troubleshooting tips for your Laravel 8 project

Some common issues that trip you up with Laravel 8 and how to handle them!

Erikka Innes · October 6, 2021

No-code · 9 min read

Create an NFT with, Ethereum, MintGate, and Metamask (without breaking the bank)


Erikka Innes · September 30, 2021

Product updates · 6 min read encoding times: 2H 2021 edition

When you upload a video to - how quickly can it be watched?

Doug Sillars · September 29, 2021

Tutorials · 8 min read

Create your own version of Instagram using and Laravel

Learn how to create your own version of Instagram with video using freeCodeGram and!

Erikka Innes · September 28, 2021

Use cases · 2 min read

Case Study: How used to create an interview training platform is an interview preparation platform that uses asynchronous video communication to train job candidates to ace their job interviews!

Erikka Innes · September 27, 2021

Tutorials · 3 min read

Live stream your conference call to thousands with has a live conferencing service that allows several people the ability to chat - but limits the number of viewers. Adding in RTMP streaming allows you to broadcast this live conference as a video stream -allowing for thousands of people to watch the conference. Learn how in this post.

Doug Sillars · September 23, 2021

Tutorials · 1 min read

Localize ads by combining personalized voice overs from Aflorithmic with

Create an ad localizer with a custom video with the correct location information for each region. You can create custom scripts for the same video with, then store your new videos and display them with

Erikka Innes · September 20, 2021

Tutorials · 8 min read

Video duets in the browser

Video sharing apps like TikTok offer 'duets', where you record a video next to a video playing back, add a commentary or sing along. In this demo, we'll build a duet app in the browser!

Doug Sillars · September 17, 2021

Tutorials · 9 min read

A very Brady video: Using FFMPEG to recreate the Brady Bunch introduction

Just looking at the image <BAM!> - now the theme song is stuck in your head, right? In this tutorial, we'll walk through how to re-create the iconic Brady Bunch intro video with FFmpeg.

Doug Sillars · September 15, 2021