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AI video model hub

AI >< Video: The Video Model Hub unveiled

We’re thrilled to introduce a suite of AI-powered features to help you get more out of your videos and reach new audiences.

Cédric Montet

July 3, 2024

AI, models, assistants, agents and prompts sound and look magical on social networks. But from the countless conversations we have had with startups and Enterprise customers over the last months, we have realized that the gap between existing video workflow and concrete use cases is real.


Whether it’s getting transcripts in seconds, changing the language of your video or being able to search for items in your content – the benefits, value or potential savings you see and can get with AI are obvious.


This is why we are thrilled to unveil how we are bringing AI into video, where we are heading and how you can get more value from it!

What does the future of video streaming look like?

AI will completely upend video consumption as we know it today. We envision a world where video is not a content piece anymore which you can only start and stop – because AI will make videos discoverable and universally understandable. More than ever it resonates fully with our core mission – connecting people through their cameras.


Since Day 1, we are building api.video to make your use cases, first, a reality and, then, a success.


Back in the days, the fragmented video streaming market, the number of services you had to aggregate, the lack of innovation by the incumbents was preventing you from joining our video-first world, while your efforts and budgets were consumed by maintaining mashups instead of focusing on what matters.


This is why we have built the video backbone and seeing that, now, you host 2.5 millions videos on api.video and deliver dozens of millions videos every month demonstrate why simplicity, exceptional performances and an E2E approach were key.


What’s happening today with AI, the efforts it requires to benchmark, setup and customize LLMs, to run and maintain them, the Infrastructure you have to build to execute them before getting any value, remind us of the state of the streaming market when we had launched api.video.


Helping you to benefit from the AI revolution by abstracting all the underlying complexity became obvious and a natural next step in our evolution.


To get there and to bring you there, here is what we are building, api.video’s very first – Video Model Hub.


Let’s start with the root principles encompassing our work on this Hub:


  • Open-source models over private ones. We are long time believers and contributors of the open source community and we have chosen to run only models that are available publicly.

  • Your data is… your data. You already trust us to host and deliver sensitive content,and this is exactly why we won’t train our own models or sell the data generated from your videos to anyone.

  • Privacy at the core. We host and execute the models inside our own infrastructure. Your data remains inside the api.video infrastructure. Your videos or data is not sent to external partner, SaaS providers like OpenAI, or others.

  • We believe that every organization will eventually build their own models to leverage their unique data sets. Next year, alongside the ability to run public and open source models on api.video, we will offer you the ability to host your own.

  • One API to rule them all. As we have already replaced a dozen of services and vendors under GET/videos to make your videos available worldwide in seconds, we are abstracting all the complex work of executing LLMs behind clear and straightforward endpoints.


At a glance, api.video brings to you today the power of AI by:

  • Leveraging its years of experience in video management and building infrastructure, with GPUs.
  • Combining with the most advanced LLMs available on the market.

so that you get more value from your videos in a few lines of code!


Here are the first three new features from the Video Model Hub

1. Summarization of long-form videos

Upload a video in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese or Chinese and get a text summary of 120 characters with the 3 key takeaways discussed in the video (within seconds!). Ideal to index or preview long form recorded meetings or courses!


The video below gives you a glimpse into AI summarization.

2. Transcription of your video in seconds

Get a transcript (in .VTTformat) from your uploaded video with the timecodes and offer the captions to your audiences. The best part? The api.video player supports VTT files so there’s nothing new that you need to build on your side! This also makes your content more inclusive by making it accessible to people with hearing impairments.

3. Translation of subtitles in 5 different languages (and more to come!)

Is your video in English? You can get Spanish and French subtitles. In Chinese? You will get English subtitles and three more languages. In short, this is the perfect solution to spread your message to your international audience!


Check out the video below for a glimpse into AI translation.

Try it for yourself now by uploading a video in your sandbox account.

What’s next

From video classification, alteration, generation, audio alteration, metadata generation, we have identified and plan to implement more than 200 additional use cases and features within the upcoming months!


From next year, we will let you bring your own models on the infrastructure to get even better and more personalized outcomes.


This is a long-journey and we’re only getting started. The whole team is thrilled to be at the forefront of this next chapter!

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