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Fun at

Company News · 5 min read

Cool things we do at to break the monotony of remote work

Find out how's People Team ensures that team members don't miss out on in-person banter while working from home.

Multiple authors · January 15, 2024

Company News · 10 min read

Beyond CPUs:’s tech tale of switching from CPUs to ASICs

Learn how made a strategic pivot from CPU to ASIC-based VPU transcoding to manage high volumes of video catalogues.

Emilien Gobillot · January 2, 2024 yearly roundup

Company News · 5 min read

2023: That's a wrap!

It's been a year of innovation and growth for We've tirelessly worked to simplify and enhance video streaming, making it more accessible and global than ever before!

Cédric Montet · December 20, 2023

Company News · 11 min read

Between code and comfort: The inside scoop on’s WFH chronicles

Dive into's work-from-home tales – where code meets comfort.

Arushi Gupta · December 8, 2023

Global infrastructure

Company News · 5 min read

How’s global infrastructure enables seamless video performance

Learn how's proprietary infrastructure ensures that your videos have optimal performance and they shine on a global scale.

Arushi Gupta · November 16, 2023

asic based video encoding

Company News · 4 min read

ASICs-based encoding: Building a greener tomorrow through reduced carbon footprint

As moves to ASICs-based video encoding, learn how it is beneficial for you, why we made the move, and more.

Multiple authors · September 19, 2023 values

Company News · 6 min read

Empowering through values:'s core principles

As a fully remote startup operating in a constantly evolving and highly innovative market, we depend on our core values to mold our culture.

Multiple authors · May 23, 2023