Video trends · 5 min read

Azure Media Services retirement: It’s time to choose an alternative

As the Azure Media Services retirement looms near, note the 4 things you must keep in mind before you choose an alternative.

Arushi - Content Manager

Arushi Gupta · January 31, 2024

Video trends · 4 min read

H.264 vs. H.265: The ultimate video codec comparison

In the never-ending debate of H.264 vs. H.265, let's see how each of these of the two codecs are different from each other.

Arushi - Content Manager

Arushi Gupta · October 16, 2023

Video trends · 6 min read

Boost your business with these 5 powerful video APIs

With so many video APIs available today, how do you choose which one is right for your business? Read the blog for the top 5 video APIs and how they can helpful.

Logo · August 29, 2023

Video trends · 6 min read

Making a short video app like TikTok: 10 things you must keep in mind

Read and understand the 10 important aspects you need to think about as you start making your own short video app.

Logo · August 17, 2023

Video trends · 7 min read

What is VOD and how does it work?

Learn what is video-on-demand, how it can help your business and how it is different from live streaming in this short read.

Arushi - Content Manager

Arushi Gupta · August 3, 2023

Video trends · 6 min read

How to migrate from Azure Media Services to

Azure Media Services is closing operations in June 2024 and the best alternative you have is to migrate to Read the blog to know the details of the migration.

Artem Matinian · July 12, 2023

Video trends · 18 min read

Color space in video (part 1)

Have you ever wondered how a color can be represented in a video and how it can be reproduced on a wide variety of screens with almost the same rendering? Part of the answer lies in the concept of color space

Jean-Baptiste  - Video Lead

Jean-Baptiste · July 7, 2023

Video trends · 6 min read

The comeback of specialized hardware

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in specialized hardware designed to perform one or a few tasks efficiently. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this trend and some critical examples of specialized hardware used in the video industry today.

Emilien Gobillot · March 23, 2023

Video trends · 6 min read

Video transcoding: What, why, and how?

Video transcoding is a process that allows us to enjoy content across devices. Learn all you need to know about video transcoding in this article.

Logo · December 1, 2022

Video trends · 8 min read

A Guide to Video Encoding & Video Codecs

Understand the process of video encoding and get a thorough breakdown of the most popular video codecs used today.

Logo · October 27, 2022