State-of-the-art HTML5 video player with a well documented API

Connect with your audience through high quality videos. Get an online HTML5 video player, fully customizable, with perfect playback quality and an adaptive bitrate with 4K support.

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HTML5 video player

Custom video player to make it your own

Customize your video player with a consistent color scheme and your logo to help reinforce brand recognition. Adjust your video player in the way that suits your needs.

Add a custom company logo, choose your color, text, and thumbnail. Add or remove subtitles and chaptering. Set privacy for your videos.

Video Player Customization

Perfect playback experience

With features such as adaptive bitrate streaming, high speed, and high-quality transcoding, we ensure a flawless playback experience.

The experience doesn't stop there; we offer a fully accessible and ad-free player with 360° video support and manageable captions and subtitles.

Perfect Playback Experience

Advanced features for your video player

Control your player's behavior. Set up an autoplay, define playback times or allow your video to loop.

Hide the video's title and/or the player's controls, display some captions if you need to.

Force an automatic download of your video file, display in-stream ads. You decide!

Advanced features for your video player

Opt for a versatile and powerful Video Player

Adaptive Streaming 240p to 4k support

Fully accessible and customizable player

Manage caption & chapters through our API

Video analytics plugins available

Ad-free usage

360° support

High-speed & high quality Transcoding

Insert ads before, during or after the video

Compatible and accessible video player

Keyboard shortcuts are available for every action on the player (play, pause, mute, etc.)

ARIA attributes are included, meaning the video player is accessible to all screen reader users.

A responsive video player that fits any screen and is fully functional with any device.

Compatible and accessible video player

A responsive video player for the web, Android and iOS

Every device, every screen, all the complexities are taken care of!

  • HTML5 player with seamless streaming across all major web browsers and devices.
  • Android, iOS, Flutter, SwiftUI, ReactNative, and JetPack compose players for developers building native mobile and TV applications.
A responsive video player for the web,  Android and iOS

Browse through our SDK catalog Player SDK

Get started with our Player SDK

React player

Use our official React.js Player component

React Native player

Start working with our React Native Player

Flutter player

Integrate our player in your Flutter application!

Swift player

Add videos with our Swift Player

Android player

For you App, use our Android Player

Your videos in your favorite applications

We have integrated with some of your favorite applications. Find us on their marketplaces.

No-code Integrations

Flutter player: playback videos on your apps

The player for Flutter is built natively for Android, iOS, and web and can be implemented on these three platforms easily.

Flutter &

How to add an player to your Android app

In this tutorial, we are going to show how to add an player to your Android application. It will only take 5 minutes. Let’s do this! integration with Android

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