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Introducing AI features to compliment your videos

Lights, Camera, AI Action!

Building on our robust video infrastructure, we're excited to now introduce AI features designed to amplify the impact of your content.

Arushi Gupta

July 3, 2024

Our mission at has always been to turn your use cases into successful realities. We built the video backbone with this goal in mind, and today, you host 2.5 million videos and deliver tens of millions more!


Helping you harness the power of AI, while simplifying the problems that come along with, was the next direction to take.


To achieve this and to support your journey, we bring to you –  AI features for your videos.

What are the AI video features?

1. AI video transcription & captions

With AI transcription, you can convert spoken words in your videos into written text, providing an accurate, searchable record of your content. This means you can easily create subtitles, enhancing accessibility for the hearing impaired or getting a written record of your meetings or events.

AI transcription feature

A snapshot of transcription taking place in a test video in the dashboard

2. AI video translation

With AI translation, you can translate your videos into multiple languages, ensuring that viewers from different linguistic backgrounds can understand and engage with your content. This can be useful if you’re hosting an international virtual event, creating multilingual educational materials, or expanding your marketing reach.


Translation will be available for 5 languages – French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

AI translation option in the player

A snapshot of translation options in a test video in the dashboard

3. AI video summarization

Using AI summarization, you can distill lengthy content into concise, digestible summaries, allowing viewers to quickly grasp the key points without watching the entire video with AI video summarization. This can prove invaluable for educational lectures, business presentations, and lengthy seminars where time is of the essence.

AI summarization

A snapshot of a video being summarized in a test video in the dashboard

Do you really need this?

Well, the potential uses of our AI features are limitless! From e-learning and e-commerce to online streaming, these AI features are going to be the difference between ordinary and excellent. What can you do really?


  • Summarize educational lectures for a quick review
  • Translate virtual events into multiple languages for global reach
  • Transcribe video interviews for easy reference
  • And so much more!

More than just encoding, hosting, and delivery

We’ve gone beyond the basics of video hosting and delivery to give you features that are a step up from the ordinary. Now, not only can you ensure that your customers get video delivery at minimal cost, but also that they get the flexibility to offer content in their preferred language and in a crisp manner.


Additionally, when the features are in production, you may also get the option of adding them via your API. This means that you get complete power to add the features you like without having to go through the dashboard.

Your videos stay private to you

Your data is yours, and we respect that. You already trust us to host and deliver your most sensitive content, which is why we will never train our own models or sell data generated from your videos. Privacy is at the core of everything we do, and that’s why we host and execute the models within our own infrastructure. Your data stays entirely within the ecosystem and is never sent to external partners, SaaS providers like OpenAI or others.


Our CEO and founder, Cedric Montet, speaks more about privacy being our topmost concern in his latest blog.

Give it a try!

See a glimpse how these AI features look like with a free sandbox account! Upload a video now in your dashboard and witness AI make a difference to your videos. As this is a Beta release, any feedback, questions, doubts on the features are welcome and much appreciated.

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