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7 AI Tools for Quick Video Creation

5 AI tools that will save you 10+ hours on video production

Check out these 5 incredible AI video tools that will take your video creation process a notch higher.

Arushi Gupta

May 24, 2024

In a world where time is money and creativity reigns supreme, AI tools that convert text to video are game-changers! These AI-powered wonders are designed to save your day—and countless hours. Join us as we unveil the top 5 AI video tools that can dramatically cut down your video creation and editing time. From transforming text into captivating visuals to adding that perfect touch of magic to your edits, these tools are set to become your new best friends in the digital playground!

1. CapCut

At number 1, we have Capcut.


CapCut surged in popularity due to its user-friendly interface and powerful editing features, making it a favorite among video creators. Its integration with TikTok and social media platforms is also reason for its widespread adoption.


The best part about using CapCut is that most of these important features are available for free, which kicks out budget-constraints out of the window. CapCut uses AI to empower users to create stunning videos without needing any fancy editing experience. With mobile and desktop apps, as well as a web version, CapCut can easily be used on the go.


CapCut offers a range of AI-driven features that are very, very impressive. With 'Smart Cuts & Trims', CapCut's AI automatically detects shaky parts, long pauses, or unnecessary bits, suggesting cuts to tighten up your video and eliminate boring footage. 'Effortless Audio Magic' helps isolate voices and enhance audio quality, making your message crystal clear even if there’s noisy background interference. 'Instant Captions' auto-generate captions, making your videos more accessible and saving you time and effort. Moreover, if your filming didn't capture the perfect lighting, 'Light Like a Pro' allows CapCut’s AI to adjust lighting in your videos post-production, creating the ideal mood.


What I most love about CapCut AI video generator is its AI-driven background removal feature which eliminates the need for a green screen, allowing me to replace any background with an image or color of my choice.


Something to note about Capcut is that the free version includes watermarks on exported videos. which can be removed only with a paid subscription. This may potentially pose a barrier for you if you’re a budget-conscious user.

2. Runway

Runway can be called a virtual sorcerer's wand for video editing! It has the potential to be an entire AI video production studio, so it can basically create an entire movie without filming a single frame — if you have the time, that is. Runway can generate videos and animations from simple text prompts, create animations from still images, generate lip-syncing avatars based on a recording of your voice, and even allow you to train your own AI models.


Runway might be a little intimidating in the beginning. That’s because it has an array of features that take time to understand, execute and implement, and that could be slightly time-taking and if I can say, complex.


Another aspect to note is that while Runway offers a range of pricing plans, the advanced features that truly set it apart are locked behind higher-tier subscriptions, making it less accessible for small businesses or individual creators on a tight budget.

3. Invideo AI

Invideo AI is an excellent tool for generating a starting point for your videos. It helps you to quickly create a basic structure for your videos, which can then be further customized and polished. The features allow you to input simple prompts, from which the tool generates an initial draft that includes relevant footage, transitions, and effects.


A few standout features of Invideo AI are an extensive stock media library that offers a range of options to choose from, AI-powered script generation which creates a complete script for your videos and, voiceover addition. Their AI voiceover generator is particularly good because it has an option to add your own voice which it then uses to narrate scripts in. The narration is also decent, with multiple accents and focussing well on the feeling, intent, and emotion behind each word.

Invideo AI

Overall, the tool is great for YouTubers and people who want to start off their video making journey with minimal effort.


One of the shortcomings of Invideo AI is its dependency on a stable internet connection, as the tool is cloud-based. This can be a significant limitation for users in areas with unreliable internet access. I also noticed that rendering videos on Invideo AI can sometimes be slow, especially for longer or high-resolution projects, so keep enough time in hand before you expect a final video.

4. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora has been a staple in the video editing world for over 15 years. Despite its long history, it's continuously evolving, with a suite of AI features that enhance video quality without requiring professional training or extensive time investments.


Filmora is a popular choice among full-time influencers and video editors for advanced-level video editing. It is also a preference because the tool keeps evolving based on new technological developments, and therefore is easily able to meet the demanding standards of modern digital media.


Some of Filmora’s features include 'AI smart cutout', which allows you to cut objects out of scenes simply by painting their area on the screen, and 'AI audio denoise', which helps control background noise. 'AI audio stretch' lets you extend music to match scene transitions, while AI motion tracking enables face blurring for privacy or fun effects. They also have AI remove background which allows you to create imaginative scenes without hefty budgets.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare also provides detailed explanations of these features on their website, so if you ever face a problem using any of them, be sure to check their dedicated pages.


However, do note that Filmora's performance can be sluggish when handling large files or high-resolution videos, leading to slower rendering times and potential crashes at times.

5. Canva Magic Studio

Easy to use. Neat interface. Quick results.


Those were the three things I liked best about Canva Magic Studio.


Canva Magic Studio, though currently in a very basic state, looks very promising as an AI video tool. Having been a fan of Canva for infographics, presentations and social posts since the past few years, I have full confidence that their AI video tool will evolve too.


As of now, Canva Magic Studio gives you amazing results when it comes to video quality and is also very quick to generate the final video. The good video quality comes from its integration with Runway (our #2 in the list).


To show you an example, I used the prompt: "A cute rabbit watching a video on a laptop”. And the result was surprisingly very apt!

AI generated video with Canva

AI video generated using Canva Magic Studio

Canva Magic Studio is a great option if you want to bulk-create your social media posts – create a chunk of Instagram reels or Facebook ads in a go or create similar kinds of videos using a single template. The template options Canva offers have a wide range and are decent for beginners to start with.

Sora – Open AI’s video generator

Open AI sparked a wave of excitement around AI with ChatGPT, demonstrating its incredible potential in natural language processing. Now, it's taking things a step further with Sora, an innovative AI video creator.

Sora – Open AI’s video generator

Open AI recently shared a series of tweets showing the potential of Sora and I must say, I am amazed. Be it several giant mammoths rushing through a snowy meadow or a fluffy monster behind a melted candle, the kind of videos Sora will be able to create is astounding! It looks like it will be able to take detailed prompts into consideration, just like it did with ChatGPT, to create exactly what the user needs.


As Sora continues to evolve and improve, it will undoubtedly shape the future of video production, showing way to new forms of storytelling and engagement in the years to come.

AI is great – but it cannot replace you

While these AI video tools can ease the load for you and save some time, they cannot really take the place of your creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence. In the end, it is your perspective, personal touch, and experiences that shape the videos you create.


If you’re finding a place to store, host and deliver your AI generated videos, could be just what you’re looking for. With quick video upload options, flexible hosting capabilities, ability to add watermarks and keep videos private, you can choose for all your video needs. If you would like to test out our features, sign-up for a sandbox account now and you wound’t be disappointed.

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