Product updates · 5 min read

The magic behind great products

How the technical performances behind help you to build great and magical products.

Cédric Montet · October 27, 2021

Product updates · 5 min read

New Contentful integration: Adding video to your site just got even easier's Contentful integration is now published in the Contentful Marketplace

Doug Sillars · October 8, 2021

Product updates · 6 min read encoding times: 2H 2021 edition

When you upload a video to - how quickly can it be watched?

Doug Sillars · September 29, 2021

Product updates · 2 min read

New logo, same mission: Connecting people through unique video experiences

We are proud to officially launch our brand new visual identity! It symbolizes a lot more than just a fresh look. Our product, our features, our values, our mission are all reflected in this brand refresh.

Anne-Sophie Poupard · September 14, 2021

Product updates · 7 min read

Why and how automated all their API clients moved from manually creating its API clients to automating all of them!

Olivier Lando · August 24, 2021

Product updates · 3 min read

What's ".new" at

We've been doing a lot at recently, but in this post we'd like to feature our demos that feature ".new" domains.

Doug Sillars · August 9, 2021

Product updates · 3 min read

Use the LTI connector to easily integrate your videos into Moodle LMS

Your online training programs need to be effective and engaging and video is the key asset to easily connect your Moodle LMS with your videos on

Anne-Sophie Poupard · July 20, 2021

Product updates · 4 min read

Live stream webhooks: We'll tell you when the stream starts

Webhooks are a way to *push* data to a server, rather than having a server constantly poll for updates. Last week, we launched webhooks that announce when livestreams start and end their broadcasts, making it easier for systems to keep track of the streams currently live.

Doug Sillars · July 19, 2021

Product updates · 5 min read

Be part of's first online contest! We're looking for the most creative and inspiring implementation of our API is hosting its first contest! We want you to build the coolest thing you can think of with’s API in the language of your choice.

Erikka Innes · July 1, 2021

Product updates · 2 min read announces a new PHP client's new PHP client is PSR-18 compliant and ready for use in all your video PHP projects.

Erikka Innes · June 15, 2021