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api.video's new Java client is here!

May 6, 2021 - Erikka Innes in Java

The long awaited and much anticipated new Java client for api.video is finally here! api.video's new Java client repository is available here: https://github.com/apivideo/java-api-client. And we've added a folder you can upload Java client code samples to here: https://github.com/apivideo/java-api-client/tree/main/examples. We'll also be adding content there.

The new client will replace api.video's old Java SDK. You can continue to use the old SDK, but it will no longer be updated. The new client lets you work with all features of the api.video API, and handles pagination, chunked uploads, and authentication for you.

The new Java client also provides you with a progress listener.

The Java client is a great choice for your project because Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is incredibly flexible, offering higher cross-functionality and portability than many languages. You can easily add it to web applications, and Java is a good pairing with JavaScript.

Another useful feature of Java is its multithreading. Using multiple threads allows you to make efficient use of the CPU. Java also provides multimedia and network support, and security is a top priority. You can use a Java binding with OpenCV and there are Java wrappers available for FFMPEG as well.

We're excited to offer a Java client to everyone and we hope you'll like using it. Please send us any feedback you have, and feel free to add code samples to our repository! We look forward to seeing your projects. Happy coding!


Erikka Innes

Developer Evangelist