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New logo, same mission: Connecting people through unique video experiences

September 14, 2021 - Anne-Sophie Poupard

Today is the day - we are proud to officially launch our brand new visual identity!

As excited as we are to unveil our new look, this brand refresh symbolizes a lot more than just a fresh look. Our product, our features, our values, our mission are all reflected in this brand refresh.

A lot has happened over the past two years. It has been an exciting journey, and we have made tremendous progress in building a high-quality, high-performance product and assisting you in developing your own video products. Our recent achievements include:

But one thing hasn’t changed: our mission to make video accessible to every developer on the planet.

Why the change? Due to the high technical nature of our business and the complex nature of the industry we serve, it's crucial for us to keep our work simple and clear. Our brand should reflect this as well. We created our previous logo at an early stage of api.video, when we had 10 people on the team with a goal to make the developers' life easier. The logo was dynamic, and colorful, but it was not representative of who we are and what we do: video!

Now we are 30 (and counting!) and our new look reflects the image of our company.

api.video team

First, we focused on what the current brand was representing and our mission: we are a tech company building an innovative, reliable, and developer-friendly video API.


Our logo lacked the main element of our product, and this was the first requirement of the brief. We worked on a very popular symbol, used all over the Web: the play button.

Yes, a simple triangle.

The new logo was created based on different key messages that combine a unique value proposition. As part of this logo we drew inspiration from the play button to represent video. Other references in this logo include:

  • Technical: AV represents inputs and outputs that some of you may be familiar with from your old TVs
  • Symbolic: the letters overlay represents the layering of the API
  • Geeky: there is a reference to a classic video game (did you spot it?)
How we came up with our logo

You shouldn't be constrained by your understanding of video codecs and protocols. Our goal is to enable you to build wildly innovative video experiences more quickly and easily than ever before.


Anne-Sophie Poupard

Developer Marketing and Relations

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