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We're proud to announce our new Go Client for api.video

May 5, 2021 - Erikka Innes in Go

api.video is excited about Golang! That's why we're releasing a brand new Go client. If you're using our old Go SDK, you can continue to do so, but we will no longer make any updates to it. Everything is provided in the new Go client repository - https://github.com/apivideo/go-api-client.

Detailed documentation is included for the project. If you want to submit code samples for working with our new client, please feel free! Our new Go client includes all api.video endpoints, and it implements some features that can be tricky to handle by yourself, such as:

  • Pagination
  • Chunked uploads
  • Authentication and token refresh

A special feature of the Go client is you'll be able to provide your own http client for requests, create your own contexts and upload files using a reader instead of a file.

We've also created a folder to store Go code samples. Right now it's empty, but we'll be adding content over time. We'd like to invite you to add your own examples for how to complete tasks using the new client as well.

Go is a great language to work with video in because it's fast, easy to read, and supports concurrency. If you're working with big systems and algorithms that need to run steps out of order, this is a great choice.

Let us know what you think of our new client, happy coding!


Erikka Innes

Developer Evangelist