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New NodeJS/Typescript API Client

June 3, 2021 - Doug Sillars in NodeJS

The SDKs for api.video make it easier to get started building with our tools. Abstracting all the authentication and taking care of a lot of the connections for you, our SDKs help you plug and play api.video into your codebase quickly. Historically, our most popular SDK has been our NodeJS SDK.

That said, we had some limitations in our Node SDK:

  • search results included EVERY result without pagination. This is great if you expect only a few results, but for our power users, this meant thousands of results, slowing the response time, and making parsing difficult. We wanted to upgrade our SDK to allow for better search results.
  • The analytics endpoint was not easy to use (mainly due to above, and a lack of filtering options).

We also had many requests for a TypeScript SDK using the api.video APIs.

When we took all of this feedback to the ecosystem team, they created a new API Client for NodeJS and Typescript. Our old SDK is still here and not going anywhere, but it is also no longer going to be updated, and all future features will be incorporated into the API client. There are not that many changes between the two, so a migration will not be that hard (and we've created a migration guide to make it even easier for you!)


Doug Sillars

Head of Developer Relations

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