video codec design principles

Video trends · 4 min read

The five design principles applied to every software video codec

Video codecs have diverse use cases, but they all adhere to the same basic design principles.

Erikka Innes · July 14, 2021

RGB color model

Video trends · 6 min read

Why is RGB the predominant color model for computers, TV and video?

Why do we use RGB more than other color models? How do we use the way human vision works to more easily compress color data in a codec?

Erikka Innes · July 12, 2021

picture rendered in 3 colors

Video trends · 4 min read

The two most popular color models that are used in print, digital images and video

Find out what the most popular color models are and what you see them in every day!

Erikka Innes · July 8, 2021


Video trends · 3 min read

The five basic principles of video compression

Video compression is a complex and detailed topic to learn about. But if you're in a hurry, you can quickly learn the five basic principles of video compression. This information applies to video on demand and video streaming.

Erikka Innes · July 6, 2021

Blog preview

Product updates · 5 min read

Be part of's first online contest! We're looking for the most creative and inspiring implementation of our API is hosting its first contest! We want you to build the coolest thing you can think of with’s API in the language of your choice.

Erikka Innes · July 1, 2021

card catalogue drawers

Tutorials · 4 min read

Use Flask with Dropzone.js and Python client to upload many videos of any size

Using Dropzone.js and's Python client, upload multiple videos of any size at the same time! This tutorial shows you how.

Erikka Innes · June 28, 2021

Build a self guided training course with

Tutorials · 6 min read

Build a self guided training course with

When building a video training course, you may wish to guide users through the content by unlocking videos only after certain content has been viewed. In this post, we'll walk through how to build such a flow with and our session analytics.

Doug Sillars · June 28, 2021

Use Flask with Dropzone.js to upload videos under 128MB

Tutorials · 6 min read

Use Flask with Dropzone.js to upload videos under 200 MiB (no client)

Use dropzone.js with Python's flask to create a server you can use to upload videos under 200 MiB to with. This version does not use a client.

Erikka Innes · June 22, 2021

terminal view of raw JSON data

Tutorials · 8 min read

Video event analysis using sessions

Have you ever wondered *how much* of a video has been watched? IN this tutorial, we'll analyze the session events to determine if a video was fully watched or not.

Doug Sillars · June 21, 2021

inevent logo

Case Studies · 3 min read

Case Study: How InEvent used to produce virtual and hybrid events

We sat down with Mauricio Giordano, CTO and CoFounder of InEvents to find out how helped them create events with beautiful, high quality HLS live streams.

Erikka Innes · June 17, 2021