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Empowering through values:'s core principles

As a fully remote startup operating in a constantly evolving and highly innovative market, we depend on our core values to mold our culture.

Alix Manté-Martini,

Louise Baraille,

Lou-Anne Lévénard

May 23, 2023

As a full-remote start-up evolving in an ever-changing and highly-innovative market, we rely on our core values to shape our culture and guide our ways of working to stay ahead of the market. These values are not just words on a page but the principles we want to live and breathe daily.

This article will explore our core values and how they help us create a positive and productive remote work environment. team

Act fast

Acting fast is essential in a tech start-up environment. Priorities are constantly changing, and the speed of actions is crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

When we act fast, it creates a sense of urgency and momentum. Therefore, we encourage our team to make rapid decisions and take actions to move projects forward. While we take the time to pause, observe, share, analyze, and think, it doesn’t slow us down. We do it in productive and agile ways, allowing us to be more responsive to our market.  


"In the Customer Care team, acting fast is the key to ensuring that we provide timely and actionable responses to our users. In certain situations, such as during a live stream, quick and effective solutions are critical to avoid unpleasant experiences for the customer.

When we receive a customer request, we shift our priorities and focus on finding an appropriate answer to reduce response time and ensure satisfaction. To do so, we use our internal communication channels to identify relevant stakeholders and collaborate with them to address client issues, sometimes involving several teams to solve a single issue."

Joséphine, Account Manager (Bordeaux, FR)


Grow through humility

By approaching our work with a humble attitude, we create a culture of learning and growth, where everyone has room to share their ideas and can be sure their voices are heard.

We encourage feedback, seek out learning and development opportunities, and always look for ways to improve. We consider there are no silly questions, and everyone is valued for their curiosity or contribution.

By growing through humility, we are able to stay agile and adaptable in a constantly changing market.  


"I can feel humility among team members when I have new ideas and approaches, which makes me feel respected and encouraged to collaborate. At the end of a meeting or call, our team can come up with innovative solutions that will contribute to our growth."

Diego, technical Support Engineer (Lyon, FR)

Team presentation


Be reliable

As a remote company, we understand the importance of reliability. Our clients and peers rely on us to deliver high-quality work, meet deadlines, and be responsive and supportive to their needs.

What matters to us is not the number of hours worked or physical presence but rather the quality of the delivery. While we don't expect everyone to follow a traditional 9-to-5 schedule, we expect everyone to be responsive, dependable and take the necessary time to assist one another when their contribution is needed to solve issues or create value.

This is how we build trust both internally and externally, which is essential for long-term relationships.  


"Joining a tech company with no technical background can be intimidating. You’re wondering if you’ll understand the product well and if you’ll be able to contribute to meetings and have an impact on operations. At, it’s possible thanks to the amazing talents we have.   We are surrounded by individuals who take the time to answer any questions you may have and explain concepts you may not grasp. This support further extends in projects where team members from different teams join together to solve issues and trust in the work they each put in."

Louise, Head of People (Amsterdam, NL)


Be transparent

As a remote company, it is even more important for us to track and share information.

We document most of our processes and actions to ensure transparency and availability of information at any moment.

We encourage our team members to communicate their schedules and availability with their colleagues so that everyone can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

We also share our goals, progress, and challenges in and across teams and ask for help when needed. Our feedback culture is important to us: having transparent feedback helps us improve and celebrate our actions. Therefore, openness and honesty between us are key to continuous improvement and a nice place to work.


"Being transparent at means that whenever I ask anyone a question about anything, I receive a clear answer and an explanation of the reasoning behind it. Having more context on a topic helps me get a bigger picture and a more thorough vision. Also, I can say what I really feel and be confident it will be listened to and taken into consideration."

Clément, System Engineer (Toulouse, FR)


Be bold

In a start-up environment, it's important to maintain an innovative mindset. That's why we give our coworkers as much space as they need to be as bold as they can. Being bold doesn't mean we take inconsiderate risks, but we encourage our team to be innovative and creative in their work.

We value boldness as it allows us to challenge the status quo and find new and better ways of doing things, which is essential to differentiate from the competition.


"Being bold for me at means that I am not afraid to speak up, take initiatives to make things happen, own my mistakes, and sometimes take calculated risks. I feel like my opinion counts, allowing me to drive a positive change and make an impact."

Aya, Front-end engineer (Belgrade, SRB)


Take ownership

Taking ownership means taking responsibility for our work and actions. We encourage our team to nurture accountability and drive their projects strongly. We trust our coworkers and encourage them to do their best. The whole team is ready to help you if you need support and coaching.

Decision-making is supported by continuous communication on progress and outcomes across the company.


"When I first started working here, we began exploring ways to better serve new customers. One of my team members took the initiative to build a new onboarding process from scratch. He went above and beyond to ensure we offer it to new customers who just signed up, in order to deliver value as quickly as possible."

Christian, Head of Customer Care (Canary Island, ES)  


These values - acting fast, growing through humility, being reliable, transparent, bold, and taking ownership - guide the team in creating a positive and productive remote work environment.

It is important to note that these values alone don’t drive the company’s culture, but it is the team members who embody these values in their daily behaviors and actions. By living out these values, team fosters an environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact.

If you want to know more about, feel free to visit our website, and if you are interested to join us, please check out our career page!

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