Tutorials · 7 min read

Tutorial: video player customisation, in addition to fast video encoding, streaming and storage, has a fully customisable player that allows you to have greater control over how your video is presented. In this post, we'll go through all of the possible customisations for the player.

Doug Sillars · August 28, 2020

Tutorials · 6 min read

Analytics with

How many people came to see my video? What can I learn about them? Enter’s powerful video analytics API. Using the API, we can transfer all of the view data into our favourite database, and learn about the viewers of our videos.

Doug Sillars · August 13, 2020

Tutorials · 3 min read

Create a Live Stream

Live streaming your content is a great way to connect with your audience. In this tutorial, we'll walk through he steps you need to follow to set up a video livestream.

Doug Sillars · May 4, 2020

Tutorials · 3 min read

Adding chapters to your videos

When uploading a long video, it can be hard for your viewers to scan to the area of the video they are interested in. Rather than chop your video into smaller segments, you can use chapters to denote placeholders in your video so that your viewers can ‘skip ahead’ or ‘skip back’ to pertinent sections.

Doug Sillars · April 3, 2020

Tutorials · 1 min read

Authentication steps

Every call made to a API requires an access_token. This tutorial will walk you through the authentication steps.

Doug Sillars · March 25, 2020

Tutorials · 3 min read

Video upload with cURL can help you simplify your video hosting and delivery. As such, one of the first things you'll want to do is to upload videos and get them loaded into the service. Once you upload the video, we'll take care of transcoding the video in to streams for delivery to your users.

Doug Sillars · March 19, 2020

Tutorials · 4 min read

Video upload (large videos) with cURL

When uploading large videos, they must be broken into 100MB chunks to ensure delivery. While these also may fail, the amount of time lost is minimised, and the segment can be retried.

Doug Sillars · March 10, 2020

Tutorials · 5 min read

How to add captions to your videos

Captions are not just for accessibility! They also increase views and viewing time for all users.

Doug Sillars · March 6, 2020

Tutorials · 1 min read

Video tagging best practices

Adding Tags is a great way to simplify searches in your video collection - you can simply search for a specific tag to show all of the videos.

Doug Sillars · January 1, 2020

Tutorials · 2 min read

Adding captions

Captions allow hearing impaired users to read the words being said in your video. It also improves watch times, and can improve your SEO.

Doug Sillars · January 1, 2020