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Next.js Boilerplate api.video

api.video Next.js boilerplate: start your video project the easy way

Start your new project the right way by using the api.video Next.js boilerplate: all you need to build a great video project is in it! 🧑‍💻

Yohann Martzolff

February 2, 2023

No doubt, Next.js is one of the best React framework for full-stack web applications.

What if you want to create your own video application? A Next.js boilerplate with all api.video features is ready for you to begin your journey 🧑‍💻

What’s a boilerplate 🤔

A boilerplate is a unit of writing that can be reused without change. The idea is sometimes applied to reusable programming, and that’s the case here: our Next.js boilerplate is a starter pack containing all api.video features that anybody can use, without having to change anything in it to start a new project.

Of course, you are free to modify anything once your application is running!

What can I achieve with this boilerplate 🥇

After the boilerplate has been bootstrapped, you can run your brand-new application and enjoy api.video features!

Upload videos, display them as a list, and play any video in a fully customizable player.

api.video proposes many more endpoints to manage and create a complete video application. Check our documentation to learn about this.

Get started 🏁

Find out about how to use our boilerplate on the README file, or follow the guide bellow 👇

  1. Create a new Next.js application by running one of the following commands in a new terminal and following the command prompts.


  1. Rename the .env.local.example file with .env.
  2. Find your API key in the api.video dashboard API keys section and add its value to the API_KEY environment variable in the .env file.


💡 If you don’t already have an api.video account, create a free one here.

  1. Start your application by running yarn dev in your terminal, and voilà!

You should be able to see a basic sample app from where you can upload videos and see them as a list.

api.video Next.js boilerplate preview

Everything in this application is set up to build a complete video application, from Next.js to api.video, enjoy coding!

Find the full boilerplate in the official Next.js repository right here.

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