Tutorials · 3 min read

Listing, retrieving, and deleting delegated tokens

You can list all delegated tokens to see which ones you want to keep or delete, retrieve details about a specific delegated token, or delete a delegated token. In this tutorial you'll learn how to do all of this in Python!

Erikka Innes · February 16, 2021

Tutorials · 6 min read

Delegated uploads for videos large and small

With delegated uploads, you can protect your API key and authentication tokens. Instead, you can authenticate with a delegated token where you can control how long it lasts and delete it if you no longer need it. This tutorial goes over everything you'll need to start trying delegated uploads!

Erikka Innes · February 12, 2021

Tutorials · 14 min read

Upload a big video file using Python

If you try to upload big files in Python, a common way to handle them is by breaking them into chunks. This tutorial will show you how to break your file into chunks and send the file for upload to

Erikka Innes · February 11, 2021

Tutorials · 3 min read

Helpful PHP Scripts Pt 5: Update Video Settings in Bulk Without a CSV File

If you need to update the mp4Support setting and privacy settings for your videos, this script will let you do that in bulk.

Erikka Innes · February 11, 2021

Tutorials · 8 min read

Upload a video from your computer with the API (Python)

When you upload videos from your computer, you must use a two step process. First you create a container for your video, then you upload your video into your container. This code sample shows you how!

Erikka Innes · February 10, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Helpful PHP Scripts Pt 4: Update Metadata for Videos Using CSV

Update metadata for your videos in bulk using this script that uses a .csv file to make the changes!

Erikka Innes · February 10, 2021

Tutorials · 14 min read

Sharing a video: sending a video via live stream

Video on demand (VOD) is a great way to give your customers a way to watch videos when *they* want to watch them. But what if you want that recorded video to be played at a specific time? This is not possible with VOD, but is possible with a video live stream. In this post, we'll walk through the steps required to convert a recorded video into a video live stream for scheduled playback.

Doug Sillars · February 9, 2021

Tutorials · 5 min read

Upload a video to using a public URL

Video upload with the API. Move a video from a public URL to using Python.

Erikka Innes · February 8, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Helpful PHP scripts Pt. 3 - Export all your video details to a .csv file

With this PHP script you can export details about all the videos you have in If you just did a bulk upload, you may want this information to see what characteristics each video has. You can use this information about what to do next for your content.

Erikka Innes · January 29, 2021

Tutorials · 3 min read

Understanding video Parameters: ffprobe

Have you ever wondered the settings of a video? Size, bitrate, frames per second (and more?) FFprobe is part of the FFMpeg suite, and will give you these details. This is a simple online version - where you drop the url of the video you wish to learn about, and you'll get a full output of the video's parameters.

Doug Sillars · January 29, 2021