Tutorials · 14 min read

Sharing a video: sending a video via live stream

Video on demand (VOD) is a great way to give your customers a way to watch videos when *they* want to watch them. But what if you want that recorded video to be played at a specific time? This is not possible with VOD, but is possible with a video live stream. In this post, we'll walk through the steps required to convert a recorded video into a video live stream for scheduled playback.

Doug Sillars · February 9, 2021

Tutorials · 5 min read

Upload a video to using a public URL

Video upload with the API. Move a video from a public URL to using Python.

Erikka Innes · February 8, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Helpful PHP scripts Pt. 3 - Export all your video details to a .csv file

With this PHP script you can export details about all the videos you have in If you just did a bulk upload, you may want this information to see what characteristics each video has. You can use this information about what to do next for your content.

Erikka Innes · January 29, 2021

Tutorials · 3 min read

Understanding video Parameters: ffprobe

Have you ever wondered the settings of a video? Size, bitrate, frames per second (and more?) FFprobe is part of the FFMpeg suite, and will give you these details. This is a simple online version - where you drop the url of the video you wish to learn about, and you'll get a full output of the video's parameters.

Doug Sillars · January 29, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Helpful PHP Scripts Pt 2 - Upload Videos from an FTP Server

If you have video files on an FTP server and need a quick way to move them to we have a helpful PHP script that will get the job done.

Erikka Innes · January 28, 2021

Tutorials · 7 min read

Helpful PHP scripts Pt 1: Upload videos from Google Drive to API video

If you love PHP and need to do a bulk video transfer to using Google Drive, this script will make it easy.

Erikka Innes · January 28, 2021

Tutorials · 9 min read

Resume a video

Would you like to use session data to resume videos for your users? You can use the resume a video application to track each user's progress with the video, and then start the video at the last point their viewing was tracked.

Doug Sillars · January 12, 2021

Tutorials · 6 min read

Creating Video Playlists

Use the player and the player SDK to create a video playlist.

Doug Sillars · January 7, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Watching a Livestream

How to build a simple page to show a livestream broadcast (or just an image if the stream is not broadcasting).

Doug Sillars · January 4, 2021

Tutorials · 6 min read

Video streaming with a Raspberry Pi

At the birth of the internet, we had webcams that took a picture every x minutes. Now, anyone can set up a live stream of video - with just a camera and a network connection. This kicks off a series of posts experimenting with live streaming video. In this post, we'll use a Raspberry Pi.

Doug Sillars · December 29, 2020