Tutorials · 4 min read

Upload many files at once with HTML and JavaScript

If you can upload one video, why not two, three or more? In this tutorial, we'll extend the code from to upload many videos at once.

Doug Sillars · June 7, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Migrate your Node app to our new API client

Our migration guide from the NodeJS SDK to the NODEJS API client makes migrating your app easy. See how I did 2 migrations with just a few minor changes to my code.

Doug Sillars · June 4, 2021

Tutorials · 4 min read

Adding a chyron to your video: Look like the news!

A chyron is the text that appears at the bottom of the TV on news channels. Maybe you'd like to add a chyron to your live stream or recorded videos? Learn how in this post.

Doug Sillars · June 2, 2021

Tutorials · 5 min read

Watermarking your video or live stream

Many of our customers are interested in creating a watermark on their videos. Learn how in this post!

Doug Sillars · May 25, 2021

Tutorials · 2 min read

New code samples for the Python client

When you go to use the Python client, we now have code samples for all the endpoints.

Erikka Innes · May 24, 2021

Tutorials · 5 min read

Video Chapters: Using external buttons for controls

Video chapters help your users 'skip ahead' to the bit of the video they wish to see. The player has chapter functionality built in, but learn how to use external buttons to do the same thing!

Doug Sillars · May 19, 2021

Tutorials · 5 min read

Volume warnings

Many video providers will warn you if the volume level is too high. Learn how to do the same with

Doug Sillars · May 14, 2021

Tutorials · 3 min read

Why isn't my video ready yet?

A couple of times a month, we get queries about a video not being ready to play. In this post we'll walk through how you can check the status of your video upload using our API and using our webhook.

Doug Sillars · May 6, 2021

Tutorials · 2 min read

Extract a set of frames from a video with FFMPEG and Python

Extract a set of images (frames) from your video that are evenly spaced throughout using FFMPEG and Python. If you want, at the end you can stitch the frames back together into a video that can be used as a video preview or trailer.

Erikka Innes · April 22, 2021

Tutorials · 2 min read

When your token expires, hit refresh and protect your API key

Use refresh tokens to avoid exposing your api credentials when your access token expires.

Erikka Innes · April 21, 2021