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Easier troubleshooting with audit logs

Discover how our new event logs feature on's Dashboard empowers you to troubleshoot user issues seamlessly. Filter API request events by method, time, or status for enhanced visibility.

Cédric Montet

March 12, 2024

Having the right tools to monitor external systems can make or break your ability to provide a smooth experience for your users. At, we know these tools can go a long way in helping you more easily troubleshoot user issues from day one.


Today, we’re excited to introduce audit logs, to give you even more visibility into your integration!

Event logs in the Dashboard

The first step to troubleshooting an issue is being able to look under the hood. Starting today, you can view your most recent API request events directly in the Dashboard. To view your API request events, follow the steps below.

  1. Head over to the new event logs page in the Dashboard.
Dashboard audit logs example
  1. Choose how you want to view the events by setting filters based on method, time window, or status. dashboard audit logs filters

Audit logs period retention

Note that we offer different period retention based on your environment:


  • Sandbox: 1 day
  • Production, pay as you go: 5 days
  • Enterprise: 60 days


We’ll continue to invest in features that make it easy and efficient for you to build on


In the meantime, we welcome any feedback on these latest improvements and anything else you may want to see! Reach out to us via the Community or the chat box.

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