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Make up and beauty products

Video trends · 7 min read

Live shopping is the new way to shop

Live shopping is a global trend with a rapidly growing market. Online, interactive sales sessions where fans interact with celebrities and influencers they admire is now one of the most popular ways to buy products. Find out if this trend is right for your business or personal brand.

Erikka Innes · March 11, 2021

difference between a GIF and a video

Video trends · 7 min read

What is the difference between a GIF and a video?

A GIF is a type of image sequence. Let's take a look at what a GIF is, what an image sequence is, and how that's different from a video even though a frame is equivalent to an image.

Erikka Innes · March 10, 2021

FFMPEG for beginners

Video trends · 8 min read

FFMPEG for beginners: scripts for processing, converting, and streaming video

Learn about the ffmpeg CLI, some valuable resources, how commands are structured, and some useful scripts you can start with right away.

Erikka Innes · March 8, 2021

a stack of jam

Video trends · 4 min read

Using with the Jamstack is the perfect addition to your Jamstack build, allowing for videos to easily integrated into your application using our APIs and integrated video player.

Doug Sillars · March 4, 2021

Class room of students

Video trends · 9 min read

The benefits of teaching classes online with live streaming and video on demand playback

Find out why hosting your own website with livestreams and video content can be more profitable, useful, and reach more customers.

Erikka Innes · February 25, 2021

sign of Gandalf "you shall not pass"

Video trends · 10 min read

You shall not pass: The benefits of token based authentication uses token based authentication in one way or another for every endpoint. See how our token based authenticated is implemented, what benefits this kind of authentication provides, and what simple best practices you can apply when working with tokens. Along the way, enjoy a few LOTR references!

Erikka Innes · February 24, 2021

RTMP definition

Video trends · 5 min read

What is RTMP and why do we use it for live streaming?

Find out what RTMP is, why we transcode twice - from RTMP to HLS, and what the future has in store for live streaming

Erikka Innes · February 24, 2021

What is HLS video streaming

Video trends · 7 min read

What is HLS video streaming and how does it work?

Every video ingested in our system is converted into a video stream - with multiple sizes and bitrates. This allows to serve the perfect video to each of your viewers. Perhaps that's all you want to know. But if you are curious about the internals of video streaming, read on!

Doug Sillars · February 19, 2021

Encoding vs transcoding

Video trends · 4 min read

Encoding and transcoding: what's the difference?

Encoding and transcoding are video terms that get used interchangeably, but they actually have slightly different meanings. Discover the difference between these terms, and learn what transmuxing is too.

Erikka Innes · February 9, 2021

schematic of the video pipeline

Video trends · 5 min read

Common questions about video on demand services

When adding video on demand (VOD) to your application, you might be planning to integrate a number of solutions to create your end to end service. In this post, we'll respond to many questions we receive and show how can be your end-to-end VOD delivery service, rather than fill just one specific need in your pipeline. This can save you development costs and integration issues - since there are fewer moving parts in your video streaming integration.

Doug Sillars · February 9, 2021