Make the move to the best Azure Media Services alternative

Transfer your video content to api.video — a flexible video API that lets you deliver videos and live streams in qualities upto 4K. Pay zero migration costs and make a seamless transition now.

Migrate at no cost

You should not be spending money on encoding videos with a new provider when you have already paid for encoding with Azure Media Services. Migrate to api.video without paying any encoding fees.

Free encoding with api.video

Use a platform free of complexities

Get rid of the complexity of workflows at Azure Media Services. Enjoy a streamlined experience with everything from player, encoding, CDN & storage to analytics, all conveniently available in one place.

Replace five different tools of Azure with a single, easy-to-use API.

Replace 5 tools of Azure with api.video

Get prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket

You save a lot when you migrate to api.video.

For example, to encode 10,000 minutes of videos at 4K resolution, you pay $600 on Azure and $0 on api.video.

You're also billed the same regardless of the video quality you upload – whether it's 480p or 4K.

Encoding 10000 minutes of 4K videos is free with api.video

Enjoy ultra-fast encoding

With a super-fast ingestion speed, transcoding a video with api.video takes half as much time as taken with Azure Media Services. api.video doesn't wait for the video to be viewed to start the encoding.

Don't believe us? Compare our encoding speed against popular brands by clicking on the link below.

Ultra fast encoding with api.video

Get dedicated support for migration

Count on us to ease your workload by providing an exact mapping of your old assets to the new ones.

Get all the help you may need for carrying out a successful migration from Azure Media Services – starting from supporting you to navigate the Import Tool to giving suggestions on how to use the API.

Get api.video support for migration

No hidden fees. Only pay for what you use

Volume discount ensures your costs decrease when usage increases

Video Encoding



Video Hosting

as low as



Video Delivery

as low as



No commitments or credit card required

Still unsure about migrating to api.video?

Read this article to learn more about the migration

Video trends · 6 min read

How to migrate from Azure Media Services to api.video

Azure Media Services is closing operations in June 2024 and the best alternative you have is to migrate to api.video. Read the blog to know the details of the migration.

How to migrate from Azure Media Services to api.video

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How do I migrate my content to api.video?
Would you help me with the migration?
Will api.video help me if I have too many videos to upload through the Import Tool?
What do I need to change in our implementation after the migration?
Can we keep the IDs / titles / URLs from Azure?
Will api.video help me in creating a mapping from old assets to new assets?