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Anthony Dantard

July 20, 2023

As brands aim to establish their identity, setting themselves apart from the competition is important. With the widespread sharing and duplication of content, safeguarding your videos and promoting your brand has become crucial. This is where white labeling comes in. By personalizing and branding your videos, you can create a distinctive presence in the market, captivating your viewers and making a lasting impact.


To make sure you retain your brand’s identity, we have built our white-labeling feature. A feature that ensures that you have complete control over the aesthetics and functionality of your video player while offering superior streaming quality. In this article, we will discuss how white-labeling with can enhance your video streaming experience.


Let’s get started.

Tailor your video player look to your brand

Your video player must be as unique as your brand is. With the white-labeling feature, you get customization options that ensure your video player matches your brand aesthetics so that your audience gets a consistent experience.


Alter the color scheme, adjust the player's behavior, or revamp the controls. With our versatile customization tools, you're always in the driver's seat!’s white-labeling solutions

Integrate the company logo into your video player

Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand and it must be present in all your marketing collaterals. With our white-labeling feature, you can display your company logo prominently on the video player, thereby ensuring that your brand is recognizable instantly.’s white-labeling solutions

Get personalized thumbnails for your videos

With our personalized thumbnails, capture your audience with a preview that aligns with your brand. When you use our 'pick or upload thumbnail' feature, you can choose a perfect snapshot to represent each video before it starts playing. Use captivating images that carry your brand identity and capture your audience's attention.’s white-labeling solutions

Use your own custom domain

Having a custom domain that matches your brand identity gives your brand a personalized touch. So why settle for a generic domain when you can have of of your own? Use our custom domain feature and can integrate your video player seamlessly into your existing site or launch it as a new platform entirely under your chosen domain.’s white-labeling solutions

Add a watermark to your videos

In a time when content is easily shared and copied, it is important that you add a watermark to your videos. This not only protects the brand from plagiarism but also gives it the needed visibility. With our video watermarking feature, you can ensure that every video you stream carries your brand mark. So even if your content reaches other platforms, it still speaks for your brand.’s white-labeling solutions

In conclusion, white-labeling of videos offers an array of benefits and opportunities for businesses and content creators alike. By adopting this powerful strategy, companies can elevate their brand presence, reinforce their identity, and provide a seamless and consistent viewing experience to their audience.

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