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VoD (Video on demand)

VoD - Video on demand

What is VOD?

Video-on-demand (VOD) is a media distribution system that allows viewers to watch content whenever they choose. This means that content is not livestreamed and it does not play on a schedule, as it happens on television. VOD systems typically distribute media using internet connections, so good bandwidth is important to get the best results for viewers. Popular platforms providing VOD services include Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon Prime Video and many others.

VOD platforms face unique challenges due to the diverse range of internet connections and viewing devices used by their audiences. Each user’s connection quality and viewing console vary, making it crucial for these platforms to adapt and deliver consistent, high-quality streams. To tackle this, codecs are continually refined and developed to compress and transmit video more efficiently. The aim is to ensure that every viewer, regardless of their device or connection speed, enjoys the best possible streaming experience.

Types of VOD

There are different kinds of VOD platforms available today.

  1. Build Your Own VOD Platform: Utilize services like, which offer a video-centric CDN. This allows you to upload, transcode, host, stream, and analyze your video content, giving you complete control over the creation and management of your platform from scratch.
  2. Subscription VOD: Examples of suscription VOD platforms are Netflix and Hulu that provide consumers with unlimited access to a vast library of content for a recurring fee. This model allows users to watch any available content on these platforms at any time.
  3. Pay-Per-View VOD: This model lets users purchase the right to view a specific video once or buy a digital copy for unlimited access. An excellent example is Amazon Prime Video, where you can rent movies for a one-time viewing or purchase them to watch anytime.
  4. Advertising VOD: Designed for advertisers, this model involves placing ads on popular subscription platforms. Advertisers pay to have their ads shown to targeted audiences during various shows. Since ads and content are streamed to users' devices, they can also include interactive elements for enhanced engagement.

VOD at

Here are some important points to note about VOD at

  • All Videos uploaded to are available as VOD.
  • Live streams at with the parameter record=true are saved and re-encoded as VOD after the stream ends.
  • Private videos: VOD videos with the parameter public=false will have unique playback links - allowing for just one view per link (to prevent the sharing of the video).


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