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OTT (over the top)

What is Over the top (OTT)?

Over the Top (OTT) describes how a video can be delivered to customers directly over the internet. The term derives from the delivery "on top" of basic internet protocols, bypassing the traditional providers of video: TV, cable and satellite. OTT video streaming has revolutionised the way movies and shows are watched by consumers.

There are many OTT providers, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more. Many "traditional broadcasters have created their own OTT services (HBO Max, Peacock (NBC), etc).

OTT delivery has led to new viewing strategies by customers. Now that shows are available on demand, consumers are no longer bound to a specific time or day of the week for a TV show. As a result, viewing patterns have changed in a way that is more convenient to the viewer. Further, the concept of "binging" a show - watching an entire season in the course of a few hours or days has also arisen from OTT video streaming.

OTT at hosts and streams video on demand. If you have OTT content that you want delivered quickly and efficiently worldwide, we can host and deliver that content for you. We also offer "private videos'' that only allow authenticated users access to the movies, and prevent the sharing of the video urls.