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What is video watermarking?

Watermarking was around for centuries before it went digital. It's regularly used to help guarantee the authenticity of money and stamps and prevent counterfeiting. When used digitally, it's often to help guarantee security. However, watermarking can be used in other ways too. For videos, you can still use watermarking to guarantee authenticity, but it can also be used for:

  • Branding - a watermark lets people know what company created the content being viewed.
  • Content control - a watermark can help prevent someone else claiming it is their content. It can also make it clear when content is available for demo purposes only, or provide details about how the video can be used.

A popular place you'll see watermarks is when you want to use a stock image from a site. Often the watermark is there until you pay to use the image. You've also probably seen watermarking on your favorite social media platforms. Many content creators place a logo or their handle on their content so it's more difficult for other users to claim as their own.

Watermarking and

Because watermarking is so popular, now offers the ability to include watermarks on all your video content. It's a very simple process - you upload your selected watermark, and then you can add that watermark to the videos you create.