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What is video trimming?

Video trimming is where you take the beginning or end off a video clip. This can be useful for ensuring your video starts quickly, gets your point across, and grabs your audience's attention. Sometimes trimming is also referred to as removing the top or tail of a video.

What's the difference between splitting and trimming?

When you split a video, you're breaking the video into smaller chunks you also plan to use. If you trim a video you're removing frames you don't want to use in your clip from the beginning and end of your content.

Today, many tools allow people to quickly trim their videos, there are downloadable mobile apps that focus on letting you edit using your phone. Many popular social media platforms like Instagram also provide the ability to shorten clips so you can edit and post without leaving the platform.

What's the difference between cropping and trimming?

If you crop a video, you're removing pixels from the content to make the frame smaller. Trimming doesn't affect what's kept per frame, instead it completely removes frames.

Trimming and offers the ability to trim videos using our API. You can trim content, clip it, copy clips, and more!