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What is video clipping?

Video clipping is the process of creating a smaller video from a longer video. Online, they're often taken from established media sources, community, and individually produced clips. Most clips are under fifteen minutes long. They first rose to prominence when broadband internet services became widely available starting in about 2005.

Video clips may be taken from movies or shows, but people also people love creating their own clips and uploading them places like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and more. Many clips nowadays are created by people filming original content with their phones. Clips are often also used these days to carry out citizen journalism. In the beginning, citizen created clips were carefully curated by news outlets. Today, people post their own journalism clips on social media networks without curation.

Another popular use for video clips are vlogs. Video blogging - vlogging - became extremely popular starting in about 2005-2006 and it's still widely used today. Influencers earn money posting regular, interesting content or sometimes by posting ads for products they're paid to promote.

Corporate America was a little slower to become interested in video, but today video marketing, corporate vlogs, and video e-learning are invaluable tools for companies everywhere. They're able to reach many more people than they could with just text.

Video clipping and is an API that lets you create your own video platforms quickly and easily. We received a lot of requests for basic editing capabilities, and they're now available. You can now use our API to create clips from any video you like and then create copies of your clip.