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Instant replay

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Instant replay is the ability to retransmit a segment of video that was initially transmitted live.

The most common uses for instant replay is in sporting matches where a spectacular play or score is retransmitted after the fact. Often different angles and speeds are used to watch the replay of the action - providing more information and insight into how the action unfolded.

In many sporting events, if the call by the on-field referee or judge is contested, instant replay can be utilized. A judge with access to the myriad views and camera angles can replay the action in question to see if the call was warrented or if the video evidence shows that the call should be overturned.

DVR/Instant replay at

All of our live streams have 5 minutes of video stored on the server. The player has a rewind button that allows viewers to 'rewind' the live stream to rewatch any content that they would like to see again - essentially allowing for 'instant replay' opf anything being recorded on out platform.

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