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api.video gives you the freedom to customize your video delivery

How api.video gives you the freedom to customize your video delivery

This article explores how api.video enables you to enhance your video delivery through features like custom domains, private videos, in-stream ads, and player customization.


May 8, 2024

api.video offers a wide range of tools that empower developers and content creators to tailor video delivery according to specific needs. From utilizing custom domains to setting domain referrer restrictions and implementing private videos, api.video provides customization options for a more personalized viewer experience. This article explores how these features, combined with in-stream ads and player customization, can add flexibility to your video delivery strategy.

Custom domains

A custom URL is not just a branding tool; it is a way to make your video content feel integrated into your digital presence. By using api.video's custom domain feature, you can serve your videos from a URL that fits your brand, building trust and recognition among your viewers. Custom domains are especially useful if your product or website is bound to a specific domain URL by legal requirements, like for an educational institution or through government services.

This feature is straightforward to set up and can transform the viewer's experience by maintaining consistency across your digital outputs. Learn more about setting up custom domains with api.video.<

Domain referrer restrictions

Security is a critical aspect of video delivery. api.video's domain restrictions help you ensure that your content is only accessible through domains that you specify. This means unauthorized sites cannot embed or misuse your content, protecting your videos from potential piracy or unapproved usage. This level of control enables you to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of your video content. Here’s how you can implement domain restrictions for your videos.

Private videos

When dealing with sensitive or premium content, privacy is a hard requirement. api.video enables you to set videos as private, allowing access to specified viewers only through secure private tokens. api.video supports delivering private video content through our in-house player and third-party players, ensuring control where necessary, like for subscription-based services or internal corporate training materials. Discover more about managing video privacy.


One of our customers relies on the private video feature to enable their business that works with censored adult content. Check out the complete story here!

In-stream ads

Monetization is a crucial aspect of video strategy for many creators. With api.video, embedding in-stream ads into your content is a streamlined process. Whether it's pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll, in-stream ads can be set up to fit the flow of your videos, ensuring a non-disruptive user experience while also opening up your revenue streams. api.video uses industry-standard URL parameters to set up in-stream ads through VASTVPAID, or VMAP ad tags, making this solution integrate seamlessly with your content. Learn how to integrate in-stream ads in your videos.

Player customization

The ability to customize your video player is not only about design; it is primarily about enhancing viewer interaction and engagement. api.video offers extensive options for player customization, enabling you to modify controls, appearance, and behavior to match your brand's style and functional requirements. This personalized approach ensures that every aspect of video playback is optimized for your audience. Learn about the features of api.video’s player solution, and explore the available customization options.

Content optimization

Customization does not stop with the player; api.video also enables you to make your content stand out through branding and annotation. You can add custom thumbnails to your content either via file upload, or generate one based on a timestamp from your video. You can also improve viewer experience by adding chapters to your video, making longer content easier to navigate. To ensure that your video is not reused by unauthorized third parties, api.video also enables you to add permanent watermarks to the video objects you upload.

Closing thoughts

api.video's platform gives you control over how your content is delivered and displayed. By leveraging features such as custom domains, domain referrer restrictions, private videos, in-stream ads, and customizable players, you can create a viewing experience that is both secure and uniquely suited to your audience's needs. You can do these easily through our dashboard, or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can build everything through our API. Enjoy the flexibility of api.video and take control of your video content delivery today.


api.video offers scalable, ready-to-use services that not only support industries like online learning and e-commerce, but also integrate seamlessly, enabling you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business and enhancing your product.


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