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Our ecosystem: connect with your product 🔌

Over the past year,’s ecosystem has had a staggering growth 🚀 to ensure that you can easily add, manage, and playback videos into your products anywhere on the web and mobile. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular items in our ecosystem and how they can help you create your perfect solution, whether an application or a website 💻

Neda Ashrafi Amiri

January 27, 2023

If you have some technical knowledge, you know it’s not the wisest decision to create and develop your product from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel? To successfully create an application or a website, you need to take advantage of what is already out there and add that extra bit to make your product unique and competitive 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃‍

Each tech company can only provide you with some of your needs. While WordPress is ideal for developing your company website, WooCommerce is an excellent tool for adding a webshop, and is specialized for managing your videos on your site. This means that you depend on various suppliers for tools and apps to create an end product 📲 has made it its mission to create a strong network of plugins, clients, libraries, and other no-code or low-code tools, namely's ecosystem. We know what our strengths are, and at the same time, we acknowledge the power of our peers. We work towards making it easy to add to your product and combine it with the rest of the tools you need to create your solution.

Over the past year,’s ecosystem has had a staggering growth to ensure that you can easily add, manage, and playback videos into your products anywhere on the web and mobile. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular items in our ecosystem and how they can help you create your solution, whether it's an application or a website 💻’s ecosystem - the highlights 🏆

Let’s look at some of our most recent and popular additions to our ecosystem and find out how you can benefit from each tool.

🧩  Video import tool

Some of you were looking to move away from your current video providers and switch to services for various reasons such as gaining more control over your video content and benefiting from the flexible pricing plans that we offer. We saw this as a great opportunity to introduce an ultimate video import tool that allows you to quickly and easily import your videos from another provider (e.g. Dropbox or Vimeo) to your dashboard.

🧩  Plugin for WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create your blog or website without bothering with too much development. A large number of WordPress users were looking for a video provider with more security and higher availability rates than some of the more commercial video providers out there such as YouTube. Becoming aware of this gap in the market, we developed a plugin to offer services for WordPress users.

With our WordPress plugin, you can embed and manage your videos into your WordPress website or blog using our HTML5 video player and manage your videos from your WordPress admin interface.

🧩  Plugin for Strapi

If you are looking for a CMS that gives you freedom and doesn’t lock you in any way, then Strapi headless CMS is your ticket out! Strapi is one of the most popular headless CMSs out there that saves you a lot of development time while enabling you to use your favorite tools to bring content to your website and application. created a powerful plugin that is a perfect fit for you who wish to add videos to your content but also have the possibility to customize and manage your videos as you wish.

**🧩  Player and uploader for Flutter

Android, iOS, and web, all require a certain way of development with different coding languages. This is where Flutter comes and makes your lives as developers easier. No more developing multiple applications and websites with hours and hours of coding. With Flutter, you create once and generate for multiple devices. Here is where comes to complete your application development journey.

We built an customizable player for Flutter built natively for Android, iOS, and the web. We also created an uploader that allows you to upload your videos to from your Flutter application. These are very specific needs that go a long way to making your development journey smoother.

🧩  Players for Android and iOS applications

Are you creating an Android or iOS application and want to add videos? has developed players that help you with just that. A hassle-free and quick way to add your videos but also have the options to adjust to screen size and customise your players as you want.

🧩  Accessible player

We work everyday to remove any technological barriers so that any group of society can easily use’s services. Whether a person experiences vision impairments or hearing impairments, it’s our ultimate mission to make accessible for all users. We made sure to develop our video player including ARIA attributes so that it’s accessible to all screen reader users.

We have many more interesting and useful tools in our ecosystem. Go and browse through our ecosystem catalog, blog, and GitHub page to find out the many more opportunities that are available when it comes to building your solution!’s ecosystem- tutorials, use-cases, and support 🔦

When it comes to creating a strong and powerful ecosystem, many companies often forget the very important part of this journey which is the pedagogical part. At we don’t just push the latest trendy plugins on our ecosystem; we also ensure that we provide the right tutorials, use-cases, and customer support that goes with our new tools. It’s an intuitive web of elements that make our ecosystem catalog unique and stands out from our competitors.

Tutorials ✍️

Whenever we launch a new item on our ecosystem catalog, our team plans a tutorial that helps our users to navigate the new tool. Our tutorials can range from being a simple step-by-step guide to a quick video demo that display how to use and explore our new tool.

Here are three of the latest examples:

  1. Switch to with our fast & easy video import tool
  2. Strapi Plugin: Add videos to your headless CMS
  3. player for Flutter: playback videos on your apps

You can find many more tutorials on our blog.

Use-cases 💡

You may have the will to create the next best application but not quite know what you can create with our tools! We provide use-case-based articles to give you plenty of ideas that can inspire you and bring your creativity to life!

You want to create your own TikTok or Loom-like app? Browse through some of the articles that we have written with real-life implementations that our ecosystem team has put together:

We have many more articles that can inspire you. Check out our blog, and feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or other ideas that you would like to explore!

Documentation 📚

Developers love a neat documentation that helps them navigate through code libraries. We work towards refining our documentation everyday to make your lives easier. Check out our documentation page and our GitHub pages for more information!

Support 🤝

It doesn’t end with a new tool, a tutorial, or a use-case article. We know that every one of you may have a very specific and individual need that requires our one-on-one attention. Therefore we ensure that our experts are available to answer your questions or hear your feedback anytime. Chat with us or email us whenever it suits you! We are located in EU-zone to answer all your requirements!

What is next for the’s ecosystem 🧗🏼‍♂️

We are currently working on a few exciting projects to expand our ecosystem catalog! Here is a sneak peak of the closest upcoming projects 👀

  • new providers in the import tool
  • brand new open source HTML5 player
  • new plugins & integrations in CMS & no code platforms
  • continue to improve & to add features to our existing SDKs
  • a new Firebase plugin to help mobile app developers to easily build UGC apps

We work towards developing tools that make it easier for you to upload, manage, and smoothly playback your videos in small or large quantities on your websites and applications.

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