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Success Story: How this leading bank enhanced communication within their organisation through video content

Take a look at how a distinguished bank leveraged's API to ensure seamless communication.

February 26, 2024

A leading bank recognized the need for efficient communication within its organization and with external stakeholders. To address this, they opted to include into their framework. The use of helped them enhance communication channels, catering to both internal interactions among teams and between departments.


Let’s see how they put's services to use.


Given that they were a bank, they had a large number of videos to exchange information among departments. They used services to upload large volumes of information-heavy videos that could be useful to other members of the organization. Additionally, also contributed to their external communication through public-facing websites, ensuring widespread dissemination of relevant information.

How features enabled easy communication for the bank

  1. User-friendly interface: Since all the members of the department did not have a technical background, the easy-to-use interface of proved very helpful. With a concise PDF guide that detailed the steps of uploading a video, they facilitated seamless adaptation to the dashboard for people of all experience levels.


  1. Metadata for videos: Leveraging the ability to add metadata to videos, the bank streamlined the large amount of content they had. For instance, marketers attached campaign names to videos, simplifying search and retrieval processes for all the other departments.


  1. Customized thumbnails: The ability to set custom thumbnails enhanced visual appeal and aided in quick video recognition for all departments and individual teams, contributing to easy, hassle-free communication.


  1. Global analytics view: The comprehensive analytics behind each video provided valuable insights into videos’ performance, benefiting the global team with a holistic overview.


  1. Intuitive dashboard: The team found the interface modern, user-friendly, and far from complexities. They also mentioned that this was not something most of the other brands in this space had, and that they never had any difficulty using the dashboard.


‘’The interface is super clean and fast, and that distinguishes it from competitors. The modern design of contributes to a seamless user experience, setting it apart from platforms that are probably still carrying the legacy of early 2000s development.”


The bank has been associated with for the past 2 years and continue to use our API even now.


"Been almost 2 years now with There was some discussion internally, initially to move our videos to a video hosting platform, but a video hosting platform is so specific and so much technology goes into it that it needs effort - and so we stuck to and continue to use it, and I am glad we did."


In conclusion, the leading bank discovered in a reliable and feature-rich solution that not only met diverse video management needs but also exceeded expectations in usability, customization, and analytics.


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