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Case Study: How used to create an interview training platform is an interview preparation platform that uses asynchronous video communication to train job candidates to ace their job interviews!

Erikka Innes

September 27, 2021 is a training platform that gets candidates ready for job interviews. Candidates record themselves answering popular interview questions, then upload their videos for review. They can rewatch their own content and have coaches provide professional feedback about how to improve.

The site they wanted to design would offer several types of profiles for its users including:

  • Coach
  • User

Coaches use their version of the interface to create video interviews with their own questions. They send these for their candidates to respond to. When they receive videos from candidates, they can provide feedback via text or with another video.

Users can play an interview provided by their coach, watch or read coach feedback and replay any videos they sent or received.

After planning out their desired site functionality, needed an easy, cost-effective way to add video. They wanted a centralized, reliable solution that would allow them to keep videos viewable by only a client and coach.

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Choosing chose because it was something they could figure out how to use themselves even though they weren't developers. "We had no experience at all on web development and needed to find a way to easily implement video management on our product: upload, host and deliver ... was a perfect choice to do that, their solution is easy to use, complete and their customer support is really helpful," Beeready's cofounder, Nicolas Huegas explained. He appreciated that handles the difficult parts of transcoding, hosting and delivering video. Nicolas taught himself what he needed to know for his implementation and was able to figure out the rest with help from's incredibly responsive support team.

Some of the options that mattered most to were:

  • Ease of implementation
  • Customizable player they could add their logo to
  • Videos that could be made private
  • Easy video upload

The future of

CEO Jean Baptiste said that for now they plan to charge coaches for their product and keep services free for their users. They hope to add new features to their product, like the ability for users to download polished interview videos with their logo on it. In the meantime, they will continue using to record, host and display their videos.

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