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How ULift leverages’s VOD services for its coding education app

Take a look at how ULift, a Korea-based brand, used's services to deliver videos for its coding app.

Arushi Gupta

December 12, 2023

ULift, a mobile-based coding education company, provides students with access to the coding education app 'Coding Valley' to improve the coding capabilities of those who want to start an IT startup. With their app and services, you can conduct coding lectures and also practise anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone without having to set up a complicated environment or install a separate program.


With, they wanted to provide VOD features to their users and were facing problems in distributing them in good quality.


While ULift excelled in creating high-quality videos, the challenge lay in efficiently delivering them to users. Recognizing the need to focus on their core competency, they were looking for a solution to streamline video distribution without compromising on quality.


Enter helped ULift to deliver videos to their users in the desired quality. was also the perfect solution for them unlike other competitors because of its,

Their previous attempt with Wistia fell short due to the absence of support for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming in mobile applications. not only addressed this gap but surpassed expectations with a seamless, user-friendly experience.'s pricing policy also aligned perfectly well with their needs, and we were able to give them what they needed without breaking the bank.


Since implementing, ULift has experienced a paradigm shift. They are free from the complexities of video distribution and the team can now channel their energy into enhancing content quality. The intuitive features and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming have also resolved distribution hassles, allowing ULift to offer a superior VOD service to its users.


When asked what stood out for their team about, they pointed out two things:


  • Firstly, they appreciated the fact that unlike some competitors whose charges escalate with the number of videos,'s pricing does not change with the number of videos. And that suited ULift’s case since they had numerous short videos.


  • Secondly, they applauded the continuous support and prompt assistance they received from our team whenever they were stuck.


Overall, here's what they have to say for,


“The combination of intuitive design, supportive assistance, and competitive pricing makes a top choice for those seeking excellence in the video streaming domain.”

Way Ahead

In summary, the collaboration between ULift and stands as a testament to how a strategic video streaming solution can empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. With a focus on continuous improvement and the pursuit of higher content quality, the partnership of Ulift and is poised to play a pivotal role in ULift's ongoing success.

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