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7 ways to take your corporate training a notch-higher with videos

Videos infuse life into almost everything, even those boring corporate trainings. Take a look at 7 interesting ways you can merge videos into your training initiatives.

April 29, 2024

If you are a corporation in the 21st century, I am sure you recognize the value of efficient training methodologies. And if you do, videos are your golden ticket to unlock a world of possibilities. These bite-sized wonders offer clear training across various fields, from safety protocols to soft skills, and everything in between. No more snooze-worthy text blocks because videos inject life into training with audio, visuals, and interactive elements.


What are some ways in which you can use video content for corporate training?

1. Onboarding videos and orientation training

Onboarding new employees by showing them short videos is by far the best way to welcome them into the office. Instead of greeting them with a monotonous powerpoint presentation, you can have a preset onboarding video telling the new employee about the company vision, goals, products and policies. These videos could also give a virtual tour of the office space, giving the employee a short, fun and informative induction session.


These employee onboarding videos as video training tools streamline new employee orientation by offering easy-to-follow guides. They're also a fun way to introduce them to the company culture, processes, and expectations.


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2. Product or software training videos

Most corporations have their own set of softwares which their employees must use. To train employees on how to use these softwares, you could design a software training curriculum with a specific set of modules for different employee departments. For example, project managers can learn about project management through a video training module for Zoho, a great platform for effective project management. This could be time saving and effective as the employee can replay the training material when he wants and get trained on their own schedule.


With these software training videos that provide detailed, step-by-step instructions, you give the employees the freedom to learn at their pace and not go through monotonous documented tutorials in a Zoom meeting.

3. Compliance or safety training videos

Corporations usually have a mandatory set of regulations that they need to enforce. For example, you may have a Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy in your workplace that you need everyone to know about. Delivering such compliance and safety trainings through corporate training videos ensures that people do not skip reading about them and that the policy is clear to everyone.

4. Soft skills development

Integrating videos into soft skills development training programs is a powerful approach to nurturing essential skills.


Firstly, videos provide realistic demonstrations of soft skills in action, enabling employees to observe effective communication, leadership, and teamwork. For instance, a video depicting a team collaboration session can showcase effective communication techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and the importance of active listening, providing tangible examples for employees to emulate.


Secondly, videos offer a platform for interactive learning experiences. Interactive videos with branching scenarios allow learners to make decisions and witness the consequences of their actions, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, an interactive video simulation could present a scenario where employees must navigate a challenging conversation with a colleague, offering different response options and guiding learners through the potential outcomes.

5. Instructor-Led-Training (ILT)—Pre-workshop, during, and post-workshop

Traditional Instructor-Led-Training (ILT) is extremely effective for training employees on a certain subject. However, when ILT is complemented with videos before, during and after a workshop, the absorption of information increases manifold. Reliance on an instructor every time for training not only wastes company resources but also takes more time.


On the other hand, a set of corporate training videos can eliminate the need for a virtual or real instructor, introduce context for the training, and also set the stage for post training discussions.

6. Instant or just-in-time learning aids

What if an employee needs to urgently learn about a concept while working on a project? Short videos can come to the rescue! Just-in-time learning videos can be very handy for organisations and employees where work and learning is done independently, without reliance on certain training resources. In this way, learning is done on-the-go, just before a client interaction or just before a major presentation. Such microlearning videos make the workforce extremely self-sufficient and productive.

7. Informal/ Social learning

Putting user-generated content (UGC) to use as a form of corporate video training can elevate the fun of casual chats, training sessions, and office parties. Employees can share short videos about their experiences and give tips on matters of expertise, making learning more friendly and collaborative. Trainers can pick UGC videos for lively training sessions, boosting everyone's involvement. In virtual social events, employees can share amusing videos and bond over common interests. Overall, UGC spices up the workplace, making learning and socializing more enjoyable for everyone.


To conclude, incorporating corporate training videos across various facets of organizational learning enriches employee development by a large extent. From user-generated content fostering peer-to-peer engagement to streamlined onboarding processes, these videos offer dynamic and engaging experiences. On one hand where software training videos enhance proficiency, compliance and safety videos prioritize employee well-being and regulatory adherence. Videos supporting instructor-led training with pre, during, and post-workshop materials ensure a holistic approach to skill acquisition and instant learning aids offer timely support, empowering employees to tackle challenges efficiently.


Together, these elements form a robust framework for continuous learning and growth within the organization.


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