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Analytics at for better video insights

When video meets data: Introducing Analytics at for better video insights

A quick read telling you all about's latest feature - real-time video Analytics.


June 28, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the explosive growth of videos has revolutionized the way we consume information, connect with others, and engage with brands. Whether it's on social media, streaming platforms, or corporate websites, videos have become an integral part of our online experience.


And behind the captivating visuals, lies a treasure trove of data waiting to be unraveled. Today, we recognize the importance of data-driven insights in shaping strategies, enhancing user experiences, and achieving desired outcomes. By meticulously examining viewer behavior, engagement patterns, and demographic insights, we can uncover actionable intelligence that allows us to personalize experiences and unlock untapped potential.


For this very reason, has recently launched real-time video Analytics which allow you to dive deeper into the numbers behind your videos. Let's learn a little more about it below.

How does Analytics help you?

Analytics help you get in depth insights for your videos and live streams. It will help you answer questions like:


  • Which videos are being viewed the most today or this week or this month?
  • Where in the world is my content being viewed?
  • Which devices, browsers, and operating systems are viewers using the most?
  • What time of the day is my content most engaging?

What do you get with Analytics?

Analytics provide you engagement data related to your videos and live streams. For instance, you can:


  • get the number of plays for a specific video for a period like the current day, current week or the last 30 days
  • get the number of plays by country
  • get the number of plays for specific devices, browser agents, and operating systems.

How does it work?'s solution uses playback data to analyze and segment your viewers.


  • Numbers are automatically collected for every video or live stream if played with the built-in player
  • Each interaction with the video content generates a play event
  • Play events are reported in real time and can be instantly viewed on the dashboard or retrieved through the API
  • Third-party players are also supported through the provided analytics plug-ins (any HTML5 player that supports event-based reporting)
  • The data is retained for 30 days



The best part - it is all real-time data!

Yes, you read that right! All the data you see under the Analytics section is collected and computed in real-time. We all know time and speed = money, which is why this data will be available immediately for your usage and analysis. This real-time data can be especially useful if you are using it to keep track of live stream engagement or manage a lot of user-generated content.

How do you start using Analytics?

To start viewing data, you can use the dedicated API endpoint or check the dedicated page on the dashboard if you are looking for convenient access and viewing.


Check out the detailed guide in our documentation for more details on this, and our FAQ section for some common questions you may have. In production, you can activate Analytics from your Dashboard. You will need to be the owner of the workspace account to do so.


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