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Video playback with the controls visible.

What is the controls attribute in HTML5?

The controls attribute of the HTML5 video tag is one of the most reguarly used attributes for the video tag. The presence of this attribute adds buttons and playback bar to the bottom of the video, giving the viewer the ability to control video playback. The absence of the controls attribute, or setting controls=false removes the user's ability to control playback of the video.

The absence of controls is typically used for background videos, or autoplaying, looping and silent movies that emulate an animated GIF.

For videos where the user is expected to have the ability to start/stop/seek a video or control the volume, this attribute is required.

Toggling controls in

  • Player: you can toggle the controls for all videos used by a single player with the enable controls attribute for the player. ** This same endpoint allows you to conrtol the colours of the track playabck bar, and the icons for additional customization.
  • Video: appending #hide-controls to the end of the video player URL will hide the controls for playback.